Who gets the Mustang Plus sale magizine in the mail?

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  1. I must have thrown my new one out that just came in. I remember seeing the VINAL RALLY SEAT SET (PROCAR/SCAT) on sale. not there $675 sale that they always advertise. I am almost positive I seen them cheaper.

    am i going crazy? can someone please confirm this for me. Thank you.

  2. Thanks. I need t know the price so summit can match it.
  3. one more try!
  4. hey i just got theses seats today and they are really nice. real leather but its thin. but i really am happy with them , just thought id let you know.

    I got one of those mustnags plus sales catalogs but havnt got any since and is there a new 2007 catalog out? I thought they would keep sending the catalog when they get a new one... sorry i cant help you there...

    these are the seats i recieved yesterday but mine are black ...dont worry sombody just bought the black ones he will be listing another set. he just keeps one listing them. I got mine for the starting bid price of $379 but it looks like the tan one are a little more. the seats come with very low profile sliders that look like they will hook right in with verylittle modifications. i should be fitting them so i know how much to loower my seat pans this weekend so ill probably post some pics.

  5. I have it sitting in my recycle bin at home. Why don't you just call them up?

    As an aside I was hoping this was a "why can't they use spell check" thread.... I keep thinking I should call them up and offer to proofread it for them.
  6. I've got the catalog sitting in front of me. It is the 50 super sales deals one that they send out every year. The "kit" for the vinyl seats are $650.00, item #8627. I am pretty sure that is for teh pair, but it does not specifically say that. It also says that the adapters are included.