Who got what for Christmas?

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  1. Ok here's my usual thread for this year.. did anyone get anything cool for Christmas, either Mustang-related or not? (that's CHRISTMAS, not holiday, not winter festival or any other "Politically Correct" liberal cr*p!:mad: )
    As long as I don't get another box of canned food from my stepmother's pantry, like last year, I'll be ok. I was going to give the exact same gift back to her on her birthday, but my Dad begged me not to, promising he'd get me a real present this year.. we'll see...:rolleyes:
  2. Got KYB adjustable's all the way around and my new dual intake hood is painted and on my 'Stang
  3. Got some cool Mustang emblem license plate screw covers and Mustang emblem tire valve caps from my father in law who is also a Mustang Fanatic. Also got new tires all the way around.. I broke down and bought myself my own present this year, Xbox 360. Have quite a few buddies who play online that I had been missing out on. I have not been able to get off the 360 ever since. My gamertag is the same as my name on Stangnet.

    Christmas this year has been way better than last year where I got some house slippers, a spice rack and Playboy's Bikini Dreams. Sersiously...for reals. I don't know what the hell was up with last years christmas.
  4. The only car-related thing I got was this heavy blue-screen tire gauge that looks really high quality.. digital readout and stuff.. other than that, just the standard shirts and gift certificates, and the movie "superbad" which I didn't really like that much. I'm 35, I left the highschool booze-n-babes movies behind a while ago. It was ok, I guess, in some parts.
  5. I'm right there with ya age-wise. Who did you get Superbad from? I'm just curious as I got the playboy vid last year from my brother-in-law as a joke. Don't feel bad though...I'll trade ya if you get really bored...:p
  6. It was my nephew that gave me the movie.. I'll keep that offer in mind
  7. car related: 17" ADR wheels, projector headlights. not car related: Leafs jersey, other clothes and some gift cards. Pretty good christmas this year. Oh and went shopping today and bought 12 blu-ray movies. found them at walmart for 10$ each. Happy new year to all
  8. I got an electronic picture frame. Felt that I deserved more than just that so I went out and bought myself a GPS.
  9. Girl i just started seeing gave me a steeda shift handle (not the whole assembly, just the handle). I'm actually really pleased with it, i was amazed how much of an improvement that made over the stock handle. Im not going to bother with a honest to god short throw shifter assembly now. I didn't mention or drop hints about anything like that, and don't know how the hell she knew about steeda, so she may be a keeper.

  10. If she knew enough to do that for you, and she doesn't have 5 kids from 5 ex-s, and she doesn't weigh more than you, I'd say she probably is a keeper!:nice: ...not implying you'd be interested in someone like that, of course.. :)
  11. christmas

    Whats up.
    I got some new games for my 360, and some of the usual shirts and other clothes. All in all, a good christmas. Hope every one got something that they wanted.

  12. I did the same! I will add ya on my live account...
  13. :nice:
  14. I actually had a great christmas. My wife bought me for the car: a gt fog light kit , Mach 1 grille delete , shinoda front chin spoiler , gt side scoops , and a gt hood scoop. And our in laws bought us a 53" HDTV . I'd say all in all it was a great Christmas
  15. :eek: pics? :drool:
  16. heres some pics of the car:nice:

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  17. Super clean! :nice: :drool:
  18. Black chrome inserts

    I got Black Chrome metal inserts Mustang letters for the bumper, they will look sharp.
    They will go very well with my black chrome rims.
    Have to wait till the weather warms up some to get them on.


  19. cant wait to see pics of them when you get em on!
  20. for the car i got some reverse glow white face gauges, bullitt pedal covers, and underdrive pulleys