Who got what for Christmas?

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  1. Awesome, be careful with those gauges. I don't know how many Mustangs I have seen with it installed and the owner all ticked off because half the gauges don't work anymore after a few months. My father in law's Mustang has it also and all but the fuel gauge don't work anymore.
  2. I have those gauges, and what happened to me is that after a few months, they wouldn't light up. I was driving at night with no instruments. :notnice: So I went to a shop and they found it was a bad electrical transformer that came with the gauges, so they put in a good one, and they have worked for about 3 years now. Here's how mine look, day and night..

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  3. Man that does look nice...:drool: I guess I am just scared because of all the horror stories I have heard...

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  4. Wow talk about digging up an old thread.. well, that time of year is coming up, so what the heck. Shall we recycle this one, or start a new one for 12/25/08?
  5. Ok, Ok, You guys are too kind, you got me full access passes to all o' this. You're the best, guys!?! (wake-up, uh eh, what!!!?) Nice thought anyhow hua?
  6. WTF is up with everyone! It's not even Halloween yet! The Target by my house already has christmas stuff up and we have yet to get thru Halloween or Thanksgiving. :shrug:
  7. Tell me about it. Whoever dug up this thread, I guess they just couldn't wait.
  8. I think we can go ahead and recycle this thread for this year. One thing I am getting myself right after Christmas is a flat-panel tv; I have had enough of the 19-inch 50 lb tube tv dinosaur.
    I haven't driven my Mustang in 2 days because we have 6 inches of snow plus half an inch of ice on top of that from frozen rain. Very unusual for Oregon. Gotta love "global warming!"
  9. Tube TV? They still make those things? :D

    I think X-mas will be sucking this year.First time I won't have $$$ to get anyone a gift.Sucks royal ass! What,I just now thought of buying gifts? Nope.Havn't even gone to Best Buy or anywhere else for that matter (cept for the usual BS).X-mas sucking for anyone else this year?

    Can anyone answer this......Where's that damn mod that's supposed to be running the V6 section? You know...Lsredy2kstang? :shrug:
  10. Christmas has come a bit early this year. I actually bought a few gifts for myself. Have gotten a couple from inlaws and what not. And plan on buying a big one after christmas.

    For myself - Winchester 12G Home Defender Shotgun, all black and also picked up a Henry .22 Repeater. Also got me some Timberland hiking boots.

    From inlaws so far - Some polo shirts, which are good for my job. And a Wii...which shocked me, but really ended up being a family gift. My daughter loves playing it.

    After Christmas I am going the way of Red98 and getting a flat panel tv. I have had a 36 inch Sony Wega tube for the longest time. Looking at Sony's 52 inch LCD's, Might go with the XBR series....not really sure yet Still researching and want to spend time looking at em at the store. I never had a problem with the Sony Wega even after I dropped it in transport onto carpet from 3 feet up. Dam thing weighs like 400 lbs. More than likely will pick up a blue ray player too...what the hell. Might even upgrade my old Sony 5.1 reciever too.

    For the Mustang...well. I really don't want to mess with it too much at all. I really plan on trading it in within the next two years. I am putting some new struts on it and front brakes tomorrow morning. That's about it. Oh yeah...the original battery is finally dying, so I will be installing a Duralast Gold this week. Pretty good factory battery to last this long... almost 5 years.

    So yeah...gonna be a good christmas this year which is good since the last few ones were pretty crappy. Well, last year was ok in that I got the xbox 360.
  11. You know what I want for Christmas?

    I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DRIVE MY CAR AGAIN!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
    We have about 7 or 8 inches of snow, and in that snow is about 1/2 inch of ice, because for a while it quit snowing and dumped freezing rain for a while, then started snowing again.


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  12. WTF Red98! How dare you leave that stang out in the cold like that! At least car cover it or put it in the garage! Seeing that makes me cringe...
  13. I got: Seahawks blanket, misc. clothes, and almost enough best buy gift cards to get the flat panel lcd tv I want.
    I have been driving with snow cables on for the last 3 days and it SUCKS. I should be able to take them off tomorrow.

  14. hey i was just wondering if you knew where i could fine the gt hood and side scoops.. they look pretty dirty. ive got a 2001 v6 with the mach 1 chin spoiler and grill delete. the scoops would really complete the look. thanks
  15. This year I got something that I have needed for 7 months. A JOB, woohoo!!!! Man this economy sucks. It took me 7 months from my military retirement to find another job, WOW!
  16. only things car related i got car related was a cover, screamin' demon coil pack, and livewires. non-car related i just got some clothes and like 6 or 7 movies. haven't done it yet but my late christmas present for myself is gonna be an 8.8'' rebuild for when i go turbo :nice: