Who Had their II before the internet?

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wow seems like a different world

  1. Me

  2. nope, I am lucky

  1. wow remember those days? [shiver]

    Man, I remember damn near crapping myself when I saw the CT Mustang II catalog. Also getting excited seeing II stuff in the PAW and JC Whitney catalogs.

    scavaging swapmeets cuz there was no ebay/actually reading interchange manuals.....and hopeing......
  2. Ya, finding ll parts at the swapmeets is like finding the Easter eggs on Easter. lol

  3. More like finding a "GOLDEN" easter egg! :rlaugh:

  4. The II was my first car... bought it in 1991. Not sure if that qualifies before the "invention" of the Internet however I didn't first get on the information superhighway until about five years later.

  5. Bought my '78 King Cobra in fall of '79. Didn't start using usenet until the early/mid '80s, I think...
  6. Yeah i bought non running IIs just in case i did something stupid so i would have the parts.
  7. I got my first II, A brown King in July of 93...4 years before I was on the web. I got lucky, it didn't need and body parts at all, I put a new cam in it and off i went for almost 2 years before a garabage truck smashed into it right in front of my house in fall of 95. First and only brown KC I have ever seen
  8. Dad bought it new in '78. By the time I was 16, I had convinced him to give me the car :D
  9. I learned to drive in a II, which was around 94, cuz we bought my brothers Ghia in 1990, and then it steam rolled from there with my dad's 78 Cobra, then my plethora of II's started in 97, but by 97 we had already done a full powertrain swap in a II and a different body color paint, so of course we even had to find odd ball parts which was fun. Whenever the .org site was up I was there shortly after, I'm thinking I started internet research in 97, but it's still hard to find much in boneyards, especially since I've moved and don't know where all the goods are.
  10. Bought my first II in 84 Kept it until 1990 when a 80 yr old grandma pulled right smack in front of me, I had no time to react and KAPOW!! end of my 74, I then used that money to buy my current II, which is now going through it's rebuild. So all in all Ive had a II for the past 20 years. As far as parts go, I remember back in 84 there were II's by the hundreds in the yards. Now I can hardly find any... :notnice:

  11. Got my first II in Feb of 78 so yes, I remember those days well.

    Those were good days. Days of self reliance, days of improvision. Days where if you were a panty waste and needed to be led by the hand you didn't get to play.

    Technology sure has changed things.
  12. I brought the Mach home in 96 and can say I'm glad the net has been there. I really think there would be even fewer II's running around now if it wasn't for the net helping to find parts- shudder- ebay has been about the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to finding parts. not to mention the networking of information available from guys like we have here that really know thier $hit.

    Sleeper I remember getting my first CT catalogue too though although I hear lately he's turning into kind of a horder, not wanting to sell the II stuff, and getting into the foxes
  13. Yes and no.
    I had 3 II's before the internet, but sold the last in 1990 because I bought a new Mustang, and never thought I'd miss it. :shrug:
    Needless to say, I regretted it for the next 14 years (a lot), and if it were NOT for the internet, I probably wouldn't have one in my garage again today. :nice:

    As far as parts... the internet is an invaluable resource!

    signed: Leadfoot on the information super-highway. :rlaugh:
  14. Brother you said a mouth full. First, there is NOWAY for me to be able to find an MII around here. never seen one in person until I had mine shipped to my driveway. It was the internet where I placed my ads in the WANTED webs. second, there is NOWAY for me to be able to get as much knowledge I need about this car if it wasn't for this site. Third, Ebay has been the greatest thing to me...since getting the car in the first place.

    If it wasn't for the web, MII lovers such as myself would probably be loving Chevy Camaro's instead. in fact, my wife's camaro still isn't painted. i spent the money we had saved to paint her car to help purchase the Cobra. OOPS! :rolleyes: :( :D
  15. he has always been a punk
  16. :flag: :D
    I bought my '76 (new) in that bicentennial year, so there's little doubt it preceeded my internet use. But, now that you mention it, it was the same year that I purchased a (new at the time) PONG video game, which is now sitting in a box somewhere in the attic, along with a Texas Instruments (T-99?) computer that was purchased just a few short years later. Perhaps a few of the older members here will recall both of those now highly antiquated
    pieces of technology that preceeded even the most basic computers that are being used today!
    BTW Sleeper...I totally agree with your opening post to this thread, and the way it USED to be! And since you mentioned it, I agree with your post about CT Mustang too. Thankfully, and due in large part to the advent of the Internet, I now have other options than to deal with that rather unscrupulous
    arrogant jerk.
  17. Got my '76 in '92,same year i bought my daughter a word processor for school.
  18. My first II was a 77 coupe I bought in 84 and still have it in my garage.
    I dealt with yards in NJ, Maryland and Pa where there were many II's and parts could be bought reasonably. I didn't have to go to the swap meets for II parts. Today it's more difficult finding parts because most yards have upgraded their inventory with late model vehicles and just scrapped out any older cars in their yard. We have ebay and mii.net. as excellent sources for most parts that may be needed.
    I still have the CT II catalog too.
  19. January, 1980.

    I still remember throwing away the original front spoiler because it was torn. Gave $15 for it's mint used replacement from a guy parting one out in the next town. Even now, after going through a pretty bad crash, it's on another Cobra II (found an even better one).

    Bought my first repro part from CT (headliner). Only thing I ever bought from him.
  20. I have thrown away about a million ebay dollars worth of stuff from my 2 IIs