Who Had their II before the internet?

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wow seems like a different world

  1. Me

  2. nope, I am lucky

  1. got my 76 in 87 I didn't have my first cpu until 95
  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought CT II was an ass. The one and only thing I bought off of him was an oil pan shortly after I bought my 78, before I was actually "online" and found out about stangnet.

    I don't "remember the TI or pong first hand, but I do remember my neighbors having Colecovision, and I still have the old Atari 2600 and about 40 games-that still work :D

    I sold my 83 Ttop TA to buy/make room for the II, I kind of miss the T-Tops though. Still have the gm bug though currently through helping with my brothers 69 Firebird. There is an example of hope. after he bought it he fouind out it was much like the II-NO BODY PARTS were available for it. Being an oddball year- the 67/68 front ends are the same, but 69 is different from them, and the 70 was the next gen body style. He just got a new paddock, and to his delight and surprise they now have almost any part needed to restore the car. So keep the hope alive for our II's(but don't hold your breath in the mean time- it could be a while :lol: )
  3. bought my first II in the spring of 2003 off ebay for about $2,000, about 6 months later i wrecked it, was a real beautiful car show quality, but hey..it was aqua(inside and out)..it needed to die...

    now i got me a very similar car, same white top(but restored), just white/blue interrior...and new paint too. i think i'm happier with my new one. but i had some real good times in my first too. never forget all the times i was stopped and asked questions, and all the GOOD comments. and all the head turns.

    and that one time when i pulled up in front of the mall and everyone was starring as i drove by...then i stalled lol

    then all those times raceing through my neiborhood with my girlfriend throwing waterballoons at little kids...

    ahhh...good times.

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  4. Damn brother, glad you weren't in my neighborhood. Anyway, you did a great job finding another car like your original. I applaud you for that. :nice:
  5. hey, i still have my colecovision. the driving game with the steering wheel is still one of the best. The trackball with centipede and berzerk still isn't beat. hey, remember Intellivision?

    Yea,yea, this is a mustang site. I got it.

    ooooo, let me get this in, does anyone know where i can get an arcade game return of the jedi mother board fixed or buy one flat out?

    Ok, i'll stop. :D
  6. I bought my first II in 1985, a couple of year later I had my first email address. Created my first website in 1991 but ran a BBS starting in 1983.
  7. The internet started really growing about when I got my license, so it was in full swing by the time I took interest in II's. If it wasn't for the internet, I probably would have given up on them.
  8. My first II was an all-red V8 76 Ghia purchased in 81. Next was a 78 V6 Mach I purchased in 83. Then I got a 78 V6 T-Top in 87. All before the internet really took off.

    I too, dealt with CT Mustang II. I don't remember any particular complaints. I did my first clutch swap in 83 with a clutch bought from Racer Walsh.

    Does anyone remember an outfit out of California called Precision Pro-formance? They sold lots of body parts for the II, including the Monroe Handler kit. They also pushed the fox pace car air dam as a Pinto/Mustang II upgrade. They also had a supercharger kit and a turbo kit for the V6.
  9. I seem to remember the name of that company, in fact, I'm almost certain I have an old catalog of theirs around somewhere..I'll have to look.

    Pepsifreak.......I really like your present and past Ghias.

    Stangii...Websites like yours and Stangnet have no doubt been a huge contributing factor in the increasing popularity of II's, while keeping the remaining survivors from being forgotten.
    (1badII) made a most valid statement that many could relate to, in regard to the Internet, and how much it's ability for one obtaining the shared knowledge and resourses of others has made restoring one of these cars a much easier task that it would have been in years past.
    The Internet has allowed these cars to be once again recognized by many that would have been content (and pleased) to let to let them slip into total obscurity.
    I suspect most current and even many older longtime II owners, would be far less able or interested in trying to restore one of these cars now, had it not been for the Internet and it's ability to make this from becoming an (otherwise) almost impossibe task.
  10. I was in love with the II I own today before I had the internet. Then I got it and went on all excited bragging about the beautiful 74 mustang I was getting...only to find out that other mustang owners had such hatred. "cries"
  11. I got my 74 in 1982 for $2200. I remember how hard it was for parts even then. Especially for trying to hop up my 2.3. I remember CT II's first advertisements. You think percesion performance was a stretch. How about racing unlimited? That's where I got my wing in 1985. We are way better off actually getting what reproductions we can now, although the cars are alot more scarce. I was a Ford Motorsport poster child back in 85'. It was so bad back then that no one even wanted to acknowledge the ii's existance! I still harbor some ill will towards Mustang Monthly because of those attitudes. I was a dealer mascot basically at the time. I was up tilll 230 am after getting the car painted getting ready for the show that morning. Anyways the dealer hosting the show requested that my car be pictured against their sign for the write up. MM statf flat out in front of me were disgusted by the idea stating "that a MII was a disgrace to the name, and that no II would ever be worthy of shooting!" At least now we get some respect, although I would call it more curosity.
  12. what the he** was CT II? i realize it was a magazine of some sort but what did CT stand for? what years? is it still out there? what was up with the guy? does anyone have a scanned image of what it looked like? you guys got my curiosity up and i really would like to know. :( :shrug:
  13. CT wasn't a Mustang, it was the name of an early II parts distributor. The "CT" stands for "Conniving Thief."

  14. Which probably wouldn't exist if he didn't just take peoples materials without their permission.

    I suspect your right.

  15. It's one thing to do buisness with someone "mail order". Quite another when their a local buisness.

    I know at least one II owner who lives somewhat close to CT. She won't do buisness with them again.
  16. My first car was a 77' hatchback with 302/C4 setup that I purchased used in 1982 for $1500 at age 15. I had to part with it in 1992 when I moved 1,000 miles away and still regret it to this day. It was this web site that I ran across while tring to see if there was any chance of locating my old car that gave me the motivation to buy another II. I never found out what happened to my car, but ended up finding my 75' Ghia on an Internet classified. I could not imagine how hard it would be owning a II now without the Internet and this web site.

  17. Five years later and still accused of stealing "ideas", and still without a shred of proof.

    850+ pages of information, countless hours of research, the largest Mustang website in existence and all from "stealing materials"???? I don't think so.

    Time to move on Mark, get a clue.

    I am sure people are tired of your whining and crying.
  18. Unfortunately, there is at least a grain of truth in Mark's accusations: I have previously asked to have the photo of my car's interior removed, or at least the source acknowleged. To date, neither has been done.

    It IS a very valuable site, but I do feel that credit should be given to those whose material has been used. Aside from that, I cannot take a side, as I have never had the priveledge of meeting either of you.
  19. For some reason, this is the first that I can recall you asking me to remove or identify your picture. There are some problems with the email service, so if you used emal for the request, it may not have made it. I handle 100s of emails a day and it may have been overlooked as well. If so, I apologize.

    Please let me know immediately which photo is yours and I will give credit where credit is due.

    The following is NOT directed to THE COBRAMAN but is informational only:

    Contrary to some people's assumptions, the site was not started to "compete" with any other site, nor was the information "stolen" from any other site. Yes, I started a registry on the site, does that mean I stole that idea? No. How many different Mustang sites have forums, classified sections, registries, etc? Does that mean that the "idea" for these sections was stolen from the first Mustang site that had them? For that matter, does anyone know which Mustang site first had the forums, etc?

    The Mustang II Network exists for one reason and one reason only, to help the Mustang II owner and enthusiast enjoy their cars and hopefully help them with their questions. The site does NOT exist for profit, in fact the adverstising doesn't even cover the cost of hosting. The site does NOT exist to boost my ego or anyone else's.

    I respect all Mustang II owners and websites and hold no grudges to any of them. I have links to many of the II sites including the Mustang II Organization. I respect the work that Lee, Sergio and others have put into that site.

    Do I get tired of the negative comments and attitudes? Yes... I don't usually reply to such posts but you would think that after 5 years, the petty accusations would have dried up. We have enough work to do to help the reputation of the Mustang II among the enthusiasts crowd and I just feel that the bickering back and forth among ourselves is doing more harm to our Mustang IIs' reputation than good.

    I know there will always be a Mark (WART) or whoever, who will never be truly satisfied or happy about anything, but if the Mustang II Network helps just one person with their II then I am happy and will continue to support the hobby and do what I can for ALL Mustang II owners and enthusiasts.
  20. BTW, I did some checking and the photo of the 77 Cobra interior, which I am assuming is the one you are talking about, was taken from the same photo submitted by Brian Seather for the April 2001 Car of the Month. The same photo can be viewed at April 2001 Car of the Month .

    I am not sure if you are Brian Seather or not, but if so, the photo was actually submitted by you but also used in another section of the Photo Gallery. If this is the case, I will make sure to put a note under the photo. There are others in the OEM Photo Gallery that are elsewhere on the site also.