Who Had their II before the internet?

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wow seems like a different world

  1. Me

  2. nope, I am lucky

  1. Keep up the great work Tim.
  2. Yes, that's me.

    Might I suggest that for photos, other than those supplied by Ford or your own source material, the photos be credited as you have done with some of the materials from Ford and Motortown?

    I have no ill will in the matter, and I stand by my previous belief that the site IS a very valuable resource.

    Now, the question is, who will still have their II AFTER the internet :D
  3. Hmmm...I'm lost. How did we get from CT mustang to MustangII.net? Is Tim part of CT, or was? Where was CT located? I'm lost. :( :shrug: :shrug:
  4. no, Tim nor mark were/are part of CT Mustang
    CT Mustang was based in Connecticut, I seriously doubt they are still in business though, since they didnt' have too many pleasurable dealings with mutangii.org members (been a member there since it's inception)

    It's hard to believe that it's only been 5 years since mark and tim's breakup, and to think instead of gettin into the middle of those email bickerings, i just deleted and moved onto the important stuff like all Mustang II info.
  5. On another note, I'm not sure who brought up the subject of the Mustang II registry. But when I first seen the registry I was pretty excited about signing my cars, and dad's cars up. But I waited a little while a didn't. After that lapse of time/judgment or whatever I've contemplated registering again, but now I've got two choices, and I'd really hate to double input my info to the org and net sites. I think it would be nice if both sites could see eye to eye, dont' know if they have or not, but it'd be nice to see the information consolidated. I'm sure there are several double entries between the two sites, but you dont' see stuff like that for the 82-93 GT registry, or the 68 Cali Special Registry.
    To some people it shows lack of common interest, or even maturity to try to differentiate these sites.

    Just my opinion, but like they say opinions are like a++holes
  6. Were Mark and Tim once together in a company. Sorry for the ignorance.
  7. no mark and tim were in a small group of fore runners that kinda headed the way for most Mustang II information on the net. There were several other people in that group as well, but tim and mark really butted heads in front of every one on the .org site. What all the arguments were about I really dont' know nor care, it happened too many years ago and it really didnt' affect me anyway, cuz I stuck with the .org guys and worked too many hours to get much deeper, or as deep as I wanted involved in the whole thing.
    Maybe some people think I'm saying too much, but at the moment I dont' care I slept for one hour last nite, it's 730 in the morning here, and I've got a meeting at work at 4, damn life sucks.
    Good thing is, I found out last week, I can get suppliers discount on ford, gm, chrysler and nissan, I think we know which one I'll be using.
  8. Shouldn't this kind of thread be in a talk forum? Seams like all the other groups have one why not the II group? Then I could avoid all this and just forcus on the tech stuff, which is all I want.