Who has a 351 in there SN95

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  1. Title says it all. Once again I'm flopping the idea of a 351. But the problem is Ive never seen anyone that already has one in there car. I dont want to start a project thats never been done. Does anyone have pics of an SN95 with a 351.

    My main questions are how did these people bolt the motor up. Ive heard you can use solid motor mounts that drop the motor a couple of inches. Is that enough to fit under the stock hood. Because if I can fit one under a stock hood then I think ive made up my mind.
  2. I investigated this over and over and really considered it but decided not to do it since I did not want to buy a hood. You are not going to get it to fit under the stock hood even with the drop mounts that were designed for the fox body. The only one that I know of that had one on here was slyvette and he had to take it out since the shop that built tbe bottom end put the wrong bearings in it. He has a Cobra R hood on his car so he had no problems getting it to clear. He has a list of eveything you need to know on his website that you can get by checking his profile on here. He still has the car but is currently trying to sell it since he has a modded LS1 now.
  3. I too have researched this for awhile now. IF you drop the motor you'll have to get custom headers. There were a bunch of threads on here awhile ago about this topic. A 351 drops right in, just have to notch the battery tray, get new headers, an intake and probably a good tune.

    I'm hoping to do a AFR-205 headed 393 this winter/spring if the wife allows me.
  4. Well my decisions are either doing a 351 or turbo. Im not gonna mod my car untill one of the other is bought. But man, I would go with the 351 in a heardbeat if it would fit under the stock hood. I dont know why but I am an ati cowl hood person for my daily driver. Im gonna go back to the cowl hood thread and see if It will persuede me otherwise.
  5. we put a 96-98 Cobra hood on one car that we installed a 351 and it fit just fine.... I bet stock hood could clear.... Just takes an original Cobra R lower... Because a guy i get my parts off of did it... Lightning lower and Cobra R lower are a little different in height.
  6. Im putting a 351w in my 94 GT. I thought it over and over and changed my mind many times thinking a turbo'ed 302 would be better. I mean you look around this forum and see the turbo 302's putting out crazy horsepower. But, then I just think things over realistically. The fact that my car is my daily driver, I felt that a 351's stronger block would give me greater realiability and longevity. Perhaps in my future when I can dedicate a car solely to drag racing Ill create a turbo 302.

    As for 351w headers on a SN95, if you read slyvette's webpage it says mac long tubes work, you just need to use a hammer to move things out of the way, and hooker has swap shorty headers for 200 bucks. Not really expensive. Im gonna put my battery in the trunk so battery tray notch isnt a big deal.

    Also keep in mind, Cobra R had a 351w out of the factory, so it can be done.
  7. I was toying with the idea for a month or 2... a 396-408 stroker... lookng at the motor mounts etc etc

    and after looking into what all was required and the price coompared to other setups, I am going in a different direction. PLus I too wanted my stock hood, and it didnt look like that was feasible.
  8. interesting.. maybe there is still hope. but probably will go somehing else
  9. you could probably fit it under there if you used one of those Comp Power Box intake things. It replaces the whole upper intake. Someone here should know what Im talking about. Summit has them.
  10. i did a 351w swap in my 94 gt. the main problem i ran into was hood clearence. i am running a tfsr intake, it is way taller than the gt-40 and most aftermarket intakes. i have a 3.5 inch cawl from cervinis and it still rubs the hood when it is idling. you can use your stock motor mounts, notch the battery tray(for pulley clearence), swap headers(go ahead and do long tubes), swap oil pan (or oil pan from 80's model crown vic), you will need bigger injectors and maf, bigger radiator or you can wire your fan to stay on all the time. that is all i can think of right off, if you have any more ? let me know.

    wesley astin
  11. that is exactly what I was looking into

    a 393-408 stroker with tha comp composite box and possibly the 98 cobra hood for some extra clearance
  12. what power are you making?
  13. I know the underside of the 96-98 cobra hood has a hump in the middle to simulate the head of a snake with the scoops as the eyes. But does the hump also give clearence underneath. Like, when you take the heat shield off will it allow more room.

    I just spent an hour on turbomustangs.com and now that you guys brought up that box upper from summit I think it might work because of the center hump of the cobra hood. Im not to enthusiastic of making a fobra but if it works why not.

    And BTW astinwes, howabout some pics of the motor in your car. Id like to see it.

    Also, 2L8ULUZ2, Im looking into buying your old shortblock that you sold to atlblue2000. Would you recomend that block if I went turbo.
  14. yeah... I had been looking at that intake with the cobra hood.

    My friend had a long block 377 brand new with Trick flow high ports for like 2500. 10:1 compression.

    Imagine that in my car :drool:

    I need a loan :)
  15. 3.5" cowl and the intake still rubs? Wow how tall is that intake? Taller than the Victor Jr?

    The best thing about dropping in a stroker 351 is that those ignorant import guys look under the hood and think its a 5 Liter, that is until you hit the gas.
  16. Do any of you know if a holley systemax II intake would work with a 351?
  17. Does anyone have pics of a finished install with a 351. Like an eye level nose shot to see how much the motor sticks up.
  18. i could post some pics if i knew how. if someone wants to put them up for me i could email them to you.
  19. How much did you pay for the 351w block?