Who has a 351 in there SN95

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  1. i got mine from a friend for $100. i have no clue what one would cost new, or from a junk yard.
  2. Ican host them. Send them to

    [email protected] and ill put them up tomorrow. Im out of town.
  3. Ok here is the best bet to fit under the stock hood, no guarantee's but it may work as you can tell in this pic. You WILL have to run a box upper intake which will kill your torque down low, however it MAY fit. The only problem area I would be concerned with is the front of the intake, it may not clear. I had a Performer intake on for awhile until I got my other parts and that intake still rubbed on my Cobra RR hood!! I have pics from the side of the car etc with the old intake on it but I will have to scrounge them up....

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  4. hey sly do you have any shots of the side of the motor, so we can see how tight it is to the strut towers? Just trying to get an idea of how hard sparkplug changes would be.. thanks
  5. i just sent the pics to idiot5.0, he said he would post them for me, there is a side shot in there so you can see how tall it is. sorry the engine is so dirty, i haven't had much time to clean it lately.

    wesley astin
  6. Anyone know if the spider manifold will fit with a stock hood? I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Just that elbow bend would have to fit under the hood.
  7. Here's the pics.
  8. whqat kind of numbers are you making, and what Trap speeds?
  9. How does the stock T-5 handle the power of the 351 or is that another cost (getting a Tremec) in the future? To have to do a motor and a tranny is pretty expensive.
  10. ok, dumbest of dumb questions... Other than the hood on the Cobra R, what did Ford do to make this possible?? If Ford sold the car, the parts to do this should be available from Ford... shouldn't they??
  11. could someone please let me know if a systemax II intake would be compatable with a 351.
  12. http://www.mustangworks.com/articles/powertrain/351swap.html

    You need a 351 lower on a 351. If Holley makes a 351 lower the upper will bolt right up.

    ....This has a lot of info....


  13. Just as stated above as long as Holly has a 351 lower the upper will work, and that intake seems to be very simular to the Saleen/Vortech one (there lower intakes were off of trucks) used on the S351's so it might be a good choice. I would like to stick with a Cobra upper like the R model used and have it ported, I really like the way the Ford intake looks and I think that 351 badge for the upper looks killer. Oh yeah didn't the Cobra R use a Tremec tranny?
  14. Yeah, the 95 R had a Tremec either 3550 or TKO....can't remember.

  15. thaks alot man
  16. Yeah, what he said.
  17. have not ran it in the 1/4mile, and have not dyno'ed it. i am ordering a jms chip and getting a new throttle body and gears; then i will dyno and run it.
  18. Yes, it was a 3550.
  19. Digging up an old thread. I just bought an edelbrock rpm efi intake. Instead of starting a new thread Ill just continue with one I started with my old name.

    (1)Can you order an aftermarket K-Member that will have a lower mounting bracket for the motor mounts. I know there are a couple of k-members that offer drop rack mounts but what is that?

    (2)Astinwes, ever get any #'s on that 351, im very interested. Ive met up with a group of ls1 guys that im going to the track on friday with and I think a 351 would put me in their league. That is when I get it in.

    (3)Ive tried looking at the specs on the RPM intake but cant find it(As far a height goes). Im going to use the truck 351 lower from edelbrock that matches perfectly with the RPM upper. The only problem once again would be hood clearence. My 96 cobra hood will be on by the end of next week. So well see. The lower will be ported and I havent decided by who yet.

    (4)Ill be buying a 351 or 357 shortblock and everything needed for the swap just to get it in. Now dont flame or anything but, Ill be using the stock e7's just for the time being. And my cam of choice will already be in the block.

    (5)Ever since Ive dropped the idea of putting a 351 in my car I got an idea from the ebay fastforward fastback. I was thinking about milling an 1/8 of an inch or more off the lower intake. Does anyone know how much the Edelbrock rpm upper with the truck lower will stand above the valve covers. Because all the clearence that there is will be milled off the top of the intake.

    Just a few more starter question for now. I know Vib will chime in hopefully, with his 408 project. Thats it for now. My dads selling his house and is willing to lend me money for the new motor. Obviously this project wont start until winter but Im putting together the parts list just for the shortblock to be in and running. Once again forget about me using the stock heads, they will be replaced sooner or later.

    Thanks and sorry for the long post.
  20. I dont have much to add but heres a TTT for ya.

    Have you thought about going for more cubes? 408 or so? I see no reason to not go for the biggest engine possible, that will DEFF give you an edge against the ls1's lol. There is a guy in my area running 9's in a n/a 408 with afr's, i dunno what cam though. His car is light though, only 2800+ driver. The car flys though.