Who has a 351 in there SN95

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Idiot5.0, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. "Ok here is the best bet to fit under the stock hood, no guarantee's but it may work as you can tell in this pic. You WILL have to run a box upper intake which will kill your torque down low, however it MAY fit."
    This will not work with the stock hood.I have the Downs upper and gt40 lower, and I have a cowl hood and it still rubs at the back closest to the windshield. As soon as i get my heads finished and get it all back together i will try to post some pic's.
  2. Wasn't there a topic on this just a while ago, and somebody mentioned that there are lower poly motor mounts available, like Saleen used and this would make the 351 with a normal intake (non box) fit under the stock hood? Or a 96-98 cobra hood since you guys don't like cowls. Just a thought, but maybe I have missed something.
  3. Ive already got the 96 cobra hood going on. But there is no stock intake for a 351. You have to go with some aftermarket choices. Even mix and matching for the cobra or gt-40 intakes. Im just wondering who the people are that have done it. Ive seen many threads where people talk about a guy they knew. But does anyone know anyone for sure. I have lots of questions about their install and fitment.
  4. I've just come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to run a Cobra R hood. :shrug:
  5. I've only seen 351s clear the stock hood in fox body stangs. But I haven't seen too many 351s in 94-95s so I can't really comment about it.
  6. My thoughts exactly. If I don't end up with a turbo next year, it will be because I decide to stay N/A and do a 408W. The 351 weighs quite a bit more than a 302, so I'd want every last cube out of it :D. The other consideration for me personally is if I can get a 408W to run well and still squeak through emissions (have to pass an actual sniff test here in Orygun). That may force the issue, a turbo should be easy to get through the sniff test.