Who has a edelbrock package?

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  1. more specifically the RPM package. how is it? what kind of power do you lay down?
  2. I did have it,you MUST have at least 10:1 to make decent poaer,otherwise it doesnt do much.
  3. I have it in a 393 withg about 10.5:1 and I am VERY happy with it. It's a real good combination of torque and horsepower.
  4. My uncle has it on his '65 fastback's 306. It produced 320 rear wheel horsepower with an Edelbrock RPM and Edelbrock 750 cfm carb. I'd say that it's a pretty good package. Just make sure you have some beefy tires or you'll go up in smoke at the track. For what it's worth, his package made more horsepower than my 306 which is equipped with AFR 185's and twin Edelbrock 500's. However, my quarter mile times are in the 12's compared to his 13's because of the tires.
  5. i had my roller 306 with 10.5:1 compression

    RPM heads 2.02 1.60's
    old style RPM intake
    750 DB holley
    1.6 roller rockers with a .512 lift cam (not the edelbrock cam)

    313rwhp/331 rwtq through an AOD and a 9" robbing some power...also ran 12.55 @ 108.89

    very happy with that set up ... so now its on my 347!:nice: