who has bought parts from.....

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  1. who has bought parts from rebel mustang II. he seems to be the only one that is carrying the weather strips for a the "a" and "b" pillars on t-top cars.

    wanting to know if the service was good or not
  2. ive heard good and bad things i hear he is very slow with shipping..
    but i myself have never dealt with him.. so i guess its just heresay

    i will say he sells like a mad man on ebay and you could look up his name and history for comments.
    i believe he has a good rating.
  3. thanks. i will go check it out
  4. I have bought stuff from him. Mostly soft parts like weatherstripping and visor tips, he's big into that stuff. I've "heard" some people say some not so nice things about him, but I've not had any bad experiances.
  5. yeah I've been looking for thoose weather strips also. I was gonna buy mine from mustangs unlimited, I got a whole catalogand stuff but it seems pricey. good luck and tell me how you go so I know how it went.
  6. I bought just ablut every weatherstrip needed for a T-Top throught C.A.R. Distributors. This was in '96 and he was real reasonable and quick on delivery. :nice:

  7. C.A.R is definatly a good guy. I have placed several orders with him with no complants.

    As for Rebel, I personally will never deal with him again. I did some swapping for parts, I sent him parts and $. I took me quite a long time and eventually the threat of legal acton to get everything. This was several years ago but, "once bitten". :notnice: