Who has done a v6-v8 swap on here? i need help!!?

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  1. I have a 99 v6 and i got a 4.6 for it and im ready to pull the v6 and auto to drop the 4.6 and t45 in. i already installed the hydraboost and 5 speed pedals, now what steps should i take and what are some things to expect witht the project?

  2. For one, you might want to look into switching out your 7.5 rear end for an 8.8 rear end, before you snap it
  3. Forget about the rear end for now, unless you already have it. Really, unless you plan on doing alot of high-rpm launches your stock rear end will hold up fine for what a stock-motored SOHC will put to it.

    As far as your swap goes, I assume you already have the comp and the wiring harness, correct? Once you get the V6 out, you can rip off the pass side fender and gain easier access to the wiring harness and what not. It will also help when you fish the new harness through.

    Where did you get the engine/tranny from? What did ya pay, if you don't mind me asking?

    Oh, and good luck and keep us posted...
  4. thanks for the input

    i already got the computer and gt speedo cluser in, and yes i have the harness and all other necessary parts to do the swap. im just needed some help on the minor details.

    btw, i paid $500 for a complete 98 sohc 4.6L out of a 98 gt with 77k on it, came with everything thing (accessories oil pan, fly wheel, even clutch) and i have all he parts to convert it to a 99 motor except the heads and cams, and i got a T-45 from an 01 GT with 39k on it for $100.....so i lucked out with pricis but when all said and done i will have any easy $1,250 +/- into it.

  5. no wonder the motor was so cheap.. the heads and the cams are some of the most expensive parts
  6. mistaken

    no, what i meant is that its a full motor, has the 98 heads, cams, and intake on it, but i will soonbe swap those out for PI's. sorry for the miscomminication.

  7. So basically you got the whole motor for $500, man, that was a hell of a deal :hail2:
  8. so basically you have a 98 4.6 that will barely out run the 3.8 you had in it.

    my 99Gt vert barely out runs a 99+ 3.8

    and if you don`t tell your insurance company that you swapped in a v8 and you get in an accident they will refuse to pay any damages

    should have just modded the 3.8
  9. Actually that is true, you could have used that money and built your v6 up to beat a gt, and get more props that way. The only plus I would say with the v8, is she will sound better :nice:
  10. oops yeah i read your post wrong.....regardless i its a good deal. not the motor i would have picked (i would have gotten a DOHC motor) but i give mad props to anybody who does the swap, especially by themselvs.
  11. its a major PITA but it will be worth it for me, i would much rather have a v8 thana v6, and dont get me wrong i know the motor isnt very strong but hey guys...I have to start somewheres, i mean my v6 probably wasnt going to hold up very long and respond as well to mods as a v8 would, and no matter what i wanted to get rid of that auto trans and get a manual so i figured what the hell, why not go all the way? Are you guys meaning to tell me that getting almost an entire respecatble v8 and manual trans with everything needed to install for just over $1,000 isnt worth it? anyway i hate to babble on here just tryin to tell ya why im doin this, truthfuly when i start it up for the first time...it will all be worth it!
  12. the v6 is a very stout engine even in stock form. it was copied off of the buick v6 with heads designed from the 351 cleveland. the bottom end is very strong and probably stronger than a stock 302 and = to a 351 windsor. there are parts to add even more strength to the 3.8 to handle alot of power.

    the 3.8 block with the addition of a morana main girdle, nitride treat the crank and eagle forged rods can handle 750hp .

    i`m not trying to knock you i`m sure you will be satisfied with the swap. but consider that it will need PI heads to run better and even at that the 2v 4.6 doesn`t breath very well with it`s small bores and small valves. a 305 chevy can be made to breathe better than a 4.6l 2v engine.

    don`t get me wrong the 4.6 is a very good engine for it`s displacement but good power can`t be had from them in naturally aspirated form. the 3.8 can just about equal the 4.6l 2v in naturally aspirated form.

    anyways you have already started to swap so a couple of things that i think you will need are a 4.6 radiator, upgraded fuel pump, all the necessary exhaust hangers, fuse blocks for the 4.6 and many other small unthought of parts. the wireing harness will give you nightmares so be ready for it. the 7.5 rear will hold up just fine with the stock power of the 4.6 and will hold up to the power of a 99+ 4.6l with little problems. steeper gears and a t-lok will help the 7.5 as will an aluminum rear end girdle from TA performance Part # TA 1805 for $159.00

    my procharged 98 3.8 dynos about 260rwhp and the 7.5 rear is holding just fine after 40,000+ miles of that power level.

    good luck in your swap but i still believe an 11psi procharger and B&M shift kit would have been alot more bang for the hassel than what you will be going through. you would have saw about 290rwhp with such a setup on the 3.8 but if the 4.6 is what you want it`s your car but be prepared for a major undertaking that will test you to the limits

    again good luck and i hope it works out fine for you :nice:
  13. cobra232: do you have that 232 block information on word pad and you just copy and paste it everytime you want to talk about it? :p just messin with ya
  14. yeah i ramble on the history of the 3.8 ford alittle too much but you would be suprised at how many people don`t know that the ford was copied from the buick with better upgrades.

    many don`t realize the potential of the 3.8 ford or that ford developed a 4.5L indy engine from the 3.8.

    it just doesn`t make sense how the buick took off in the 80`s for modding but the better designed ford never did
  15. Im not sure if i remember right but i remember hearign that the 3.8 sort of descended from the v6 taurus SHO engines used in the early years that were actualy engineered in part by suzuki or somthing, and were good enough to sometimes be taken up to almost 9k RPMs.........sorry if this sounds like complete non-sense but i remembered hearing it and thought id see if any of you heard of it?

  16. no you heard wrong the 3.8 started development from buick designs in late 1980 and hit production in late 1981 for 1982 model year ford cars. ford needed a beefer v6 than the 2.8 to economically power their mid sized LTD and eventually the lincoln continential. the SHO engine came far later and was a Yamaha 60 degree v6 engine. the 3.8 is a 90 degree on-center block very much like the Stage II buick racing block
  17. And exactly how many people have made 750hp from a V6?? I'd say the sample size for that bit of data is insignificant to make those claims.
  18. it is a known fact that a buick stageI (production block)
    with a nitride treated crank and forged rods is good for 750hp. the ford 3.8 is stronger than the stageI buick so it will handl the same if not a little mor power.

    ford`s 4.5L indy v6 makes about 700hp and is not very different than the production 3.8 it is based on.

    yes not many people if any have taken a production 3.8 ford to such levels but there are many that are making 500 at the flywheel with no problems at all.

    drop a line to tom morana and see if he agrees with me about the 3.8 being able to handle 750hp with a nitride treated crank, forged rods and main girdle.

    the weakest part of a ford 3.8 block is the lifter valley but that can easily be reenforced.

    put it this way there are quit a few 5.0`s running around with 500-800 hp and their blocks handle it well when necessary precautions are taken. the 3.8 ford is a stronger design than the 5.0. it will handle the power as long as you know it`s weak points and improve on them
  19. I know of no one who has made 800 HP on a stock production 5.0 block. People running at those levels are either using the R302 block, the sportsman block, or a Dart block. But this discussion has digressed...

    I like the idea of the swap...try something different and hopefully you will have good luck with it.
  20. I wonder what will happen when the new Stangs come out later this year. As far as the engines and their potential goes.....