Who has done a v6-v8 swap on here? i need help!!?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by kovacs22, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Definitely start saving up for that rear though.

    My friend did a V6 to V8 swap on his 2000, snapped his rear on about his 15th launch.
  2. i know 6 different guys around here that dyno over 600hp using the stock 5.0 block with no problems

    i really don`t like the idea of someone wasting time swapping an engine for no good reason. if a 4.6 is wanted then just buy a 4.6 equipped car and save yourself the headachs
  3. well...

    Its not a head ache for me, this is my first and only car and i plan to keep it. So putting a v8 in my car is by no means a headache to me, sure its a hassle but it will be done and it will be great and i dont care wether you think its a good idea or not because its my car and my project and i dont really care wether you think its a good idea or not, i asked for help on my topic, not your opinion and telling me i shoulda "modded the 6" but to those of you who helped me out, thank you!!

  4. yes i understand and i appologize to you. i wish you luck in your swap.

    www.supersixmotorsports.com has done some v8 swaps they may be able to help you
  5. I don't see how its a waste of money. Swapping the tranny out for a manual alone is worth the 1000 dollars. Modding a v-6 can't really compare to modding a v8. The performance for price isn't really there... All the bolt ons maxes out to 200 rwhp tops anyway. And those bolt ons cost more than 1 grand... This is coming from a guy who owned a v6 and went to a v8. Im not biased, just vaugly informed.