Who has/had both TweecerRT and PMS

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  1. I have a pretty good deal with someone wanting to sell his newly bought PMS for 94-95 mustangs with interacq (he totaled his car and is now getting a used z06). I am vaguely familiar with a tweecer:rlaugh:..just kidding, but was wondering if anyone on here has had or is currently using both. I just want an opinion on the PMS as I plan to switch my tweecer from my DD car to my trailer car and use the PMS for my DD. In other words I want to spend minimal time on tuning for my DD with the PMS. I hear a lot of "its simpler.and easy" and that sounds good if you don't want to mess with it too much, but I want the basics done with the tune (btw the DD has a single turbo with a stock motor)
  2. I'm spoiled by the flexibility that a QuarterHorse/twEECer gives over the PMS.

    Some will be happy with the ease of use the PMS gives, some will not. It is a tradeoff between having ultimate control and ultimate ease of use.

    I work with both although the number of PMS systems is getting to be few and far between. Had someone come in last week with a PMS that was going to QH. We were able to get his car running better in 5min on the QH than it ever had with the PMS after being through a couple other tuners.

    Another good way to do it would be to develop your tune with a twEECer then copy it over to a Moates.net chip ($60).

  3. The PMS is junk for 94/95's....if you want to run a PMS convert to a Fox processor and then they work fair. If you already have a TwEECer why not use it to tune and then just purchase a chip flashed with the tune you developed. Or better yet the QH is only $250...
  4. Wes you ever had issues with the PMS resetting when cranking the car up , wiping off the saved information that is ?
  5. No, I haven't run across that one yet!

  6. I have seen 2 different units do this , IMO too high priced at 900 plus new and IMO Ive seen 2 of these units have issues with holding saved tuning info , and I have only dealt with 3 in my life .

    On another note , Ive only had 3 chips go bad in probably over a hundred of cars I have tuned with all different brand chips .......
  7. Never used the PMS but have a tweecer Rt and love it. I would just get another tweecer or QH and use the laptop for both. Seems easier to me plus if you go that route you dont have all of the extra PMS hardware that you have to install as well. I took the ashtray out of my car and have the usb cable in place of it and made a plate to mount the switch for the different tunes where the coin hold went. its barely noticable now.