Who has the best Avatar??

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  1. well.....just like the title says!

    For you people that don't know what an avatar is, its the picture under your screen name

    1. ME (i've had many, many, many avatars) :D
    2. Wytstang (altho the animations on my comp. aren't working for some reason)
    3. JOE (same as #2)

    Best thread ever :flag:
  2. pic's of your car in avatar=ghey
  3. not really considering this forum is about our cars
  4. :stupid: +mines the best
  5. I was being sarcastic......now back to the topic at hand!
  6. joes is hilarious,

    but synned has the best imo

  7. what is caldwells avatar, i have always wondered that, I used to think that was caldwell lol :rlaugh:
  8. he has some old guy with a white beard....looks like a sailor of some sort
  9. Wytstang definatly has the best.
  10. I forget his name but I think its 88 GT 5 OH or something that has the broad with the HAWT AZZ and the Canadian flag.
  11. I just got a new one
  12. bull*** I got the best avatar :nice:
  13. well i know mine is not the best mine is the SVT sign on the wall at Anderson Ford Motorsports showroom.
  14. I am definitely a big fan of wytstang's...
  15. I like caldwells and the guy in the regular 5.0 tech that has a smiley that shifts and turnes the wheel, if that makes sense to anyone.
  16. Cant argue with Penguin Smacker as best avatar.