Who has the best Avatar??

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  1. I'll look into it. What if it's not, how do you resize it?
  2. adobe photoshop?

    any... image editing program will do.
    i don't think Microsoft Paint will suffice.
  3. I like mine its a pic of my 15 y/o son winning at The Washougal Nationals in 2004.
    It was a very exciting time for me to see him winning his first National on a 125cc.
  4. mine is the best :p
  5. Nice, well congrats on that! I sure couldnt do it that's for sure, so he already has me beat hehe

    yours is nothing but a tease

    we have those all over the forum
  6. The eye RULES!!!!!!!
  7. Me? What did it used to be? :shrug:
  8. pleasehelp's falling woman makes me laugh and cringe at the same time
    caldwell's man is the most random thing ever
    joe's penguin is classic
    every one that Super302 has had
    Wytstang's girl makes me get weird tingles

    I need a new one...brb
  9. Most overly used avatar: Mine :flag:
  10. call me biased, but im partial to my avatar.
  11. Xr8d has just entered the contest! :nice:
  12. alright look at mine FAST cause I aint gonna keep it for long..

    In case you miss it, its an animated one..
  13. <----------------------------------Laying the smack down.

    I have another of two drunk girls trying to jump on a treadmill at full speed. It's friggin hilarious. I'll post it tomorrow if someone wants to use it.
  14. I just made my new one...what a great way to show it off. :D
  15. Hehhe
    you got me to laugh Scott! :nice: keep it.

    Vibrant: I have that vid :D but post the avatar anyway lol
  16. Thats pretty funny caldwell. I wonder if the dude will ever know that his face was used as an avatar on a mustang board where everyone has his imaged burned into their brain, lol. I'm sure everyone does because they are probably wondering who the hell it is. It'd be pretty weird if someone on some msgboard was using my face on an avatar, lol. Pretty funny though.
  17. I often wondered that myself actually :D
    i almost felt like emailing the poor guy just to give him a heads up that his face was exploited for pure humour purposes...

    but i was afraid he'd either demand it be removed...
    or ask for royalties or something

    People these days...
    plus i find it funnier that he doesn't even know
  18. did i lose my avatar already????
  19. :lol: That is funny as chit :lol:
  20. X takes it. Hey, Joe post up the drunk women!!! I would like to use it.