Mach 1 Who has the Diablo predator in Mach 1??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by rdefino, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. What kind of gains did you get from the Diablo in the Mach 1. Was it worth it?

  2. There are a ton of people over at the registry that have them so you may want to check there.....
  3. Your not going to see large gains at peak but it does bring 8 hp to rw...But throughout the powerband it helps alot. Worth the $ I love mine...The options and diagnostics alone are great !
  4. what exactly does it do, and what benefit does it have?
  5. You can adjust:

    A/F ratio, timing, rev limiter, top speed limiter, automatic shift points and firmness, adjust speedo for tire sizes and gear changes, Idle rpms, turn O2 sensors off, and turn Traction Control off... and other stuff, like data logging and its also a code reader.

    A good investment? Absolutely!
  6. sounds good. average price, where to find for cheaper?
  7. ebay for around 280$ thing works really good especially when used in conjunction with a the other guy said expect around 8 hp
  8. My buddy gain 6rwhp and 20tq with his predator tune

    I gain 8rwhp and 19tq with the SCT tune.
  9. I had to send my tune off to RWTD to get it right. My car was running WAY to lean. I had to se it to 40% richer to get it to run right. Cool thing about the Pred. is that you can download your stock tune to a PC, then e-mail it to a tuner. Then when he is done with the tune he can send it back to you, and you just load it onto the Pred. If you have the comp code TMX2 be careful about the stock Diablo tune.