Who has the fastest 5.0 on Stangnet??

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  1. Just as the title says......who is it, please everyone post times, slips, videos, pics, anything....Lets see what everyone runs. who will it be :D
  2. me, i win
  3. Probably Rick..
  4. I believe foxfan or roland69 might ...... :shrug:
  5. well thankfully chuck norris isnt on here.. if he was then i'd be screwed.. i vote daggar.. i'll let him chime in if he feels the need to reveal his setup lol
  6. :stupid:
  7. Certainly not me :(
  8. whitehorseupnorths was pretty impressive if i remember correctly. Something around 500rwhp. Groverdill...anyone probably who ricks been building for basically. hahaha
  9. ...i think the fastest ive seen is low 10s, wait who did rick just build a motor for? It was a 410 I believe, i dunno wat that guy ran but it was definatly in the 10s!
  10. I have the fastest Mustang........................in my dreams:(.
  11. this guy:nice:


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  12. When I make race car noises when I drive mine's pretty fast :shrug:
  13. a guy in my town has a 5.0 that ran either a 7.8x or 8's i can't remember, and he has driven it on the street before
  14. I would have said mike(TT91) 710 rwhp and 730 ft lbs... amazing, such a sad story :starts to cry:
  15. 2BeFeared Runs High 8's in his Street legal turbo 93 Cobra. Looks stock Minus the Slicks, and whats lurking under the hood.

  17. Your thinking of Brands5.0. He was running 10.90's in Bradenton on the motor, and is looking to run 9's with nitrous...
  18. TT91 is really the only one i seen with high horse power...