Who has the fastest 5.0 on Stangnet??

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  1. NEVER :rlaugh:
  2. ^ yeah thats him

    TO whomever said the high horsepower thing... grover dill and S&B are both at or very close to 600, brands5.0 is also definatly in that range...and i know there are more that I am forgetting...
  3. yup there is one more close to 600(maybe more:shrug:) but we'll not mention his name.:flag:
  4. Yea I have a verrry fast bone stock GT so I win. Wait a minute what da dang are you making fun of me lol. Why did you use my name just wondering.
  5. I seen a guy at a car show in toronto that had his run 7.68's or something like that and still had mor in it if he could get it to hook a little better. It was a 4 eyed GT (black with some airbrushing that he added this past year). He was a really cool guy to talk to. Gave me some advise on my cay aswell.
  6. It still runs!!! It just had a weight reduction...:(
  7. Yeah his car is nice but isnt the fastest im sure.... Lets not start a big circle jerk again...
    Akabar has a sweet car...
  8. I think one of the guys in the 2.3 section was in the 7's up around 780 RWHP
  9. yeah, he doesnt post much though, remember that whole porsche racing thing :D
  10. I think the topic needs to be seperated into 2 catagories.
    Street and race car.
    I've seen cars that run 10.50 at the track, lose to cars that run 11.50 in a street race.
  11. I think this needs to be clearly stated that HP doesn't = low E.T.
  12. hell you'd be surprised to know whats going under the hood of that 86 here in a bit.. im not saying anything but he'll be right with TT91
  13. it is a big factor though! :D
  14. Yes but I think what he is saying is that its just one factor...u could have 1000hp and now traction then ur ****ed lol, but you could have great traction and less hp and still run a great time, or you could be a tank and have great traction 15000 hp but weigh 70 tons lol... :D
  15. Im pretty sure mine is, I mean its a 5.0 HO so you cant really beat that, plus its really well broke in, and I think it prolly puts down around 170 rwhp. RAPEY!!!!
  16. Whats going on with your car? Last time I checked you got in an accident, but I never read anything else.
  17. Thank you
  18. Im trying to sell it. Money talks. 15,500 asking.
  19. http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=612521 theres a couple pics in that thread and from what ive read in the nw section thats only on 6psi of boost he said he wants to move it up to 12psi.