Who has the fastest 5.0 on Stangnet??

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  1. Raceaholic is up there with his 11.56. I think theres more in her too.
  2. u guys need to stop kidding yourselves, i have the fastest mustang on this site hands down

    for real though rick is fast and lots of fast cars on here.
  3. what about S&B? hes got a pretty nasty setup, I thought he posted his #'s before and they were impressive for sure.
  4. I agree with 2000xp8, definitely need to distinguish between street and strip cars. For instance a few years ago I saw a 1200 horse older style vette, can't remember for sure which year, get beaten by a mid 500 horse stang with nitrous on the street, but overheard them talking afterwards about what they were running at the track, can't remember the numbers, but know the vette was a lot faster.
  5. **Cough** Eh hum... Obviously you guys haven't paid enough attention to my car:


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  6. i have the fastest one on my street
  7. i guess track then, because most people don't have times on the street :D also has anyone on here actually raced each other??
  8. Well I have a .030 BORED OVER 302...do you really need to ask who's fastest, no replacement for displacment I always say. I WIN I WIN!!!
  9. I guess noone remembers me... i have the fastest fox on jackstands :hail2:
  10. And my vote for kewlest avatar w/o scantally clad woman :nice:
  11. Fastest my cars been is 10.87 @127.xx this was with out of the box carb and a 3800 stall and running as fat as could be... Next week ill have the car back togeather with my new 5800 stall and a trip to the dyno lets see if i can make rick proud of this little small block 10.50 on motor or faster soon to come
  12. not me, my neighbor has a 93 probe with a 460 and 200 shot(street car) he ge3ts it out every once in a while and plays around:D

  13. You should have seen my old one.... well, before i had to change names, and act normal :eek: