who has the fastest v6 on stangnet?

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  1. believe it or not, in my two years as a member of stangnet, this is my first visit to the v6 boards. :shrug:
  2. Look at the V6 forums are dead. See what you've been missing! :D
  3. <<<<<<<<<<<<< this guy
  4. I guess it confirms it. You just compared your mach to a v6.
  5. Either Tom Y or Justin who hangs out at v6power.net alot. Last I saw (which was ages ago), Justin had a TT V6 that ran low 11s but it was on a totally stock engine. Tom Y runs supersixmotorsports.com. Those are the fastest 6's I've heard of anyway.
  6. Tom from SSX has a 10.6s 4.3 stroker V6 with a 125 or 150 shot (I forget) of nitrous oxide from Zex, no forced induction, but he uses a race-preped fox that is LIGHT as hell. Justin with a TT V6 runs 11s in a heavier body that I believe is also street legal. But Tom is planning on building a FI or stage 2 Zex kit V6 from his 4.3 and trying to get to 9s.
  7. I'm going to say that I have the fast V6 on stangnet...actually wait, no. But if you consider the parts that are waiting to be installed then...still not the fastest.
  8. I've got the fastest auto without putting money in =D. Besides a car payment. What times you running zinc?
  9. Don't know. Never took her to the track, for obvious reasons. Currently she's stock except for a few odds and ends but they have nothing to do with performance. I still have my 4.10's and t-lok sitting on my dresser in my room. I still need to get a tuner too. I guess they anything remotely interesting in my mods, is the sway bar that I putted on last week(that should knock about a second off my time :rolleyes: ).
  10. 13.56 was my lowest..........on a heavy ass convertible daily driver
  11. So I think 98CobraClone or Cobra232 have the fastest V6s on StangNet. Both run 11psi prochargers on a pre-99 V6. Now if someone has 11psi on a 99+ V6, well the story changes.
  12. I guess I could just push some boost through the GT and things might change a little, but I'm in the process of changing all of the fuel/brake lines, so power adders are out of the question until that's done
  13. Nice :nice: What did you do to her?(Is this the one that you dropped a cobra engine in?)

  14. No cobra engine. Stock 3.8 with some goodies. I try not to run her hard now......rolled over 100,000 miles a couple of months ago. Got the procharger 11 psi kit, dynotune from Lasota Racing, 42# injectors, dual exhaust.........some other stuff, but can't really remember right now
  15. Nice, now that you mentioned it, I remember you saying that before. If she hit 100,000 are you gonna get a new one?
  16. 14.2 @ 98 without a tune bald street tires and no traction N/A with a 75 shot.

    Hoping for DR, 100 shot a tune will be in teh 13's somewhere.
  17. not bad
  18. Nice :nice: How much without the nitrous?
  19. You know, I don't really know? It has been some time since I actually hat a N/A run. I am hoping to be at FFW in Atlanta this year and run in True Street Bracket so I guess we will see?
  20. Just to clarify, Justin's car has gone 10.9 @ 128 on the stock LONGBLOCK and with an auto trans. Also, a guy named Matt on 3.8mustang and V6power has gone 10's as well in a turbo pre-99 single-port.