Who has their OBD 1 books handy?

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  1. I have a few codes if anybody has an OBD1 codebook handy?
    Can't find mine. :p

  2. 23-Closed throttle TP (Throttle Position) sensor voltage out of range. Suspect TP sensor.
    28-Vane Air Temperature out of range.
    64-ACT or VAT sensor voltage too low, indicates intake temp air temp greater then 250degF.
    81-Boost control circuit failure.
    82-2.3 Turbo. Check EDF signal to Integrated Controller for short to ground.
  3. I set the TPS @.9V and I put it on my sensor tester and it seemed ok.

    Does "28" mean there's a problem with the VAM? Should I try another one?

    I don't even remember it having an ACT Sensor????

    Could "81" be because I haven't wired the premium switch?

    "82" Scares me('cause I've never heard of it) Whats EDF? and whats the circuit do?
  4. TPS is fine if it's in the .9-1.0 range at idle and doesn't have any dead spots.

    It means the vat (air temp) inside the vam is reading funny. If you have a spare vam you could try it out.

    It better have an ACT if it's got an LA3.

    81 is the stock BCS is no longer hooked up...that's a good thing :D

    82 You have your fan wired to a switch rather than the stock setup I assume?

  5. OMG!

    I'll get back wth you on this. :nonono: