Who have home made Drilled brake rotors

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Slow5.0, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. First off all i'm from Bosnia/Europe now live in USA and my englich is bad so don't critize me

    I just wandering who have home made drilled brake rotors
  2. Very few, if any have them. They offer no real benefit to braking. They will actually increase the amount of time to stop because the surface area of the rotor is reduced.
  3. Ok guys I have made about 10 threads on different forums and everybody sayin thats unsafe so I ain't gonna install them

    Thank you guys anyway
  4. Drilled brake rotors are notorious for cracking.

    You would go through a lot of drill bits too.
  5. Also, you can't just go out with your personal hand drill and drill some rotors. You will screw the balance of them up.
  6. in all honesty if you built a jig to maintain symetry, used a drill press, and chamferred the holes it should work, but IMHO it is more trouble than it is worth
  7. If you've got the money to do something like that, then you probably have the money for a baer or brembo brake kit that'll brake better than any drill job you'll ever do.
  8. its a bad idea you will wind up ruining the rotors/brake pads, maybe even the calipers... just buy some they are not good for braking only for looks anyway.
  9. it's my understanding that the slotted rotors are supposed to be better than the cross drilled anyway. But I don't know about either of them.