Who here is from the Spokane/CdA area?

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  1. I am finally moving mid June.

    Once I get settled I will be having my 93 shipped up and wanted to see who if anyone is in the area.
  2. I live in Post Falls
  3. hooray I was pretty sure there were a couple of Fox guys out that way.

    I am looking very forward to getting out of SoCal
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  4. There is another Stangnet. member, Nick who goes by the name Id89Gt who lives here too.
  5. I always hear Cali is a great place to visit, crappy place to live. Especially for a car enthusiast. What's your reason for such a drastic geographical change? They get that white stuff called snow up there :eek:
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  6. I am moving be closer to my daughters, they moved last year and I cant take it anymore.
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  7. I had noticed on one of your earlier posts you had a picture of your car sitting in a garage and it had Kootenia County plates on it that is why I had asked if you or your car were from this area. At least you won't need to get new plates on your Mustang when you move up here.
  8. lol the Fox is not exactly SoCal smog legal.

    How hard is it to find E85 in the area?
  9. Safeway has E85, they are located on Neider and Government Way in CDA. I did not think your Stang would probably pass the "smog sniffer" with all the power it has. I would love to check out your Mustang when you get here.
  10. I cant wait to get it up there.
  11. Well I gave notice today (3 weeks) I should be up there end of March!

    But no Fox yet.
  12. I live in Post Falls as well :p
  13. hooray a couple of nice Foxes in the area
  14. Hey Grover, I'm formerly San Diego (born and raised) as well and I moved to Spokane area in 2011. I lived in La Jolla / Clairemont.
  15. Awesome. I am ready for a change.
  16. 92126, are you in Mira Mar or Mira Mesa area?
  17. mira mesa and I hate it.
  18. Rice town!!!

    Lots of memories there from back in the day of meeting up near In n' Out for all the illegal drag racing. That's where I fell in love with Foxbody Mustangs (I met a guy from Texas that had a built 90 GT at the races).
  19. I will make sure to revisit this thread when my car gets up there.
  20. Definitely do that. I'm looking for some other like minded Fox owners to cruise with. Mine isn't pretty yet but I'm working on it as get time from my family in the garage.