Who here is from the Spokane/CdA area?

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  1. His car may suprise a few unsuspecting people up here, a real wolf in sheeps clothing.
  2. it's dialed down to about 920 rwhp at 24psi.

    traction is a problem. :)
  3. So the president asked me to stay on in a remote role.

    Maybe I will be getting the Fox up here sooner than I thought.
  4. Lol my car is going to beat me there!

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  5. Let me know where to pick it up, I'll take good care of it for you till you get here :banana:
  6. Delivery is on for tomorrow!
  7. Are you here already to take delivery?
  8. nope, the ex-wife is

    funny thing is I bought that car for her and it was her DD for a year...
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  9. Sexy car. Looking at it makes me want to douse my car in gas and throw a match on it!
  10. Made it!
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  11. You fit everything you own in that U-Haul?
  12. Sure did it was mostly garage crap too
  13. It's cheaper and easier to sell your larger belongings like a couch, coffee and dining tables and large appliances and then replace them instead of packing them up and moving them which requires a larger truck you have to drive and then ship the 4Runner.

    Glad you made it safe! Did you drive along the Columbia river from Portland to near Pasco? I think it's the 82 or something, beautiful drive especially Klammath Falls.
  14. Thanks, I went up the 15. left Saturday morning at 6am made it 1175 miles before I had to stop in Deer Lodge MT. took a 3 hour nap and back on the road at 6am to do the last 240-250 miles hit Rathrdrum right about 10 am.

    The trailer was packed to the top, oversize chair, love seat, eastern king mattress, and all kinds of crap. I had it nose heavy, no sway but the rear springs on the 4runner hated me.

    It had some good rear squat going.
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    I kept it out of OD and it towed really really well, I was impressed.
  15. 4runner rear springs hate gravity for crying out loud and then anything else on top of that is just flattening them out. One thing Toyota engineers can't do is design proper rear springs and make seat belts that retract.

    I've owned two 4runners, a 2nd gen and a 3rd gen and both had the rear springs squat and anytime I had passengers in the back the suspension would bottom out. New OME 906 springs solved that problem real quick.
  16. That car is beautiful. I love the factory exterior look.
  17. ok so i want to buy a truck, I am not sure if I want new or used. I want a diesel and because of the repair costs the idea of a warranty is appealing. Local guys got any input on dealers to check out and ones to stay away from?