Who here is from the Spokane/CdA area?

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  1. Check out Dave Smith, bought my pick up from them. I thought their service was great.
  2. I recently purchased from two places, Wendle (which is far from you) and Foothills. I recommend Wendle over Foothills but you're in CDA so I got nothing for you. The only thing I can tell you is nothing beats a Super Duty!!!
  3. Damn SD's are spendy!

    Seems Rams are cheaper up in these parts.

    looking at 2 2012 rams 2500's

    just not sure I want to get so far in debt
  4. You do see a lot of "chipped" Rams up here. I even seen one try to bate a guy in a Dodge Viper into a street race not to long ago. As far as a new Ram goes Dave Smith would probably give the best deal on one. I am sure Tom Addis Ford wants a kings ransom for a new Super Duty.
  5. found a deal on new leftover '12 F250 I wanted a Lariat but I realized the 6k more was really not worth it. The XLT premium package gets me almost the whole way there.

    Flying to Boise in the morning will be driving it back as long as there are no surprises.


    I could not find anything close to this price more locally.
  6. That is damn sweet truck. Hell of a price too.
  7. Agreed, I couldn't find a used 08+ with under 100k for that.

    agreed on just a little less than advertised price, deposit already put on it

  8. Hopefully it's in the condition it should be. It's leftover, so it should be. That's a long way to travel to only find out there is a catch. I flew from PA to FL to get my car, but it just rolled off the boat a month before. Just give it a good once over!
  9. $6k more for the Lariat? No need for all that fancy foo foo stuff anyway. I just bought an F-150 supercrew and got the XLT package. I don't care for bling bling stuff on my trucks and i've been over chrome since the 90's.

    Good find!
  10. Just landed in salt lake next stop is Boise
  11. oh and the details.
  12. F'in A. Nice ass truck :flag:
  13. Thanks, I got 19.9 mpg on the drive home. I was not driving like a 90 year old woman too.

    I am amazed how much go this thing has when you punch it.
  14. I bought a truck. I like it, cept it has ****** tires on it.


    oh hi!






    I need to do something about that lame ass dual tip tailpipe
    Toyo M/T 285/75/18
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  15. I'm feeling the Ford truck love. It feels good having nothing but blue ovals in the driveway. My DD IMG_3166.JPG
  16. Very nice! I wouldn't change the tip unless you turn off the re-gen system and remove the DPF. Any kind of chrome or polished tip you put on there will probably have the finish ruined whenever it goes into re-gen mode. What are the rules in Idaho concerning inspections and emissions?
  17. no Smog or inspections here. With that said I am doing my best to not void the warranty.
  18. I see you got your tires @ Les Schwab in Rathdrum, I noticed my boss's Church in the background of your picture.
  19. I did indeed. They gave me good trade in value for the stockers and had these in stock. I couldn't say no :)