Roush Who here is planning on attending the Saleen show?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by marcus95, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. I thought I would start a new thread to see how many of us are heading to the show in Irvine this year and what rides are we bringing.

    I plan on being there. Prob bring the S351. :D
  2. You know I’ll be there!

    I think I’ll bring the G35 sedan. Bet it could sneak in with a Saleen windshield banner. :jester:

    O.k., I’ll bring the S281, instead. It is compiling some new goodies. Yum Yum.

    Actually, if I do the driving event, I may just bring the G.
  3. I guess I'll be there, haven't decided what car to bring......maybe the white one :D
  4. I'll be attending. Although I haven't decided :shrug: which car to bring.
  5. I have a feeling this will be SCOAs biggest showing yet!
  6. I'll be there for sure! Finally getting a lot of much needed work done this month so the car should be running great, so I'm in for the driving event too. Getting it dyno tuned this Thursday (FINALLY!) and just ordered a set of KD's to replace my worn out pilot sports. :banana:
  7. I registered over a month ago. I will be there. This show is always a Blast!

    Barry K
    2000 Saleen Coupe SC281 # 0388

  8. You should really come down for the weekend Barry to get in on some of the other stuff we will be doing.
  9. I would like to Dennis its just impossible keep a black car fresh for the show.
    This year though maybe i can stick around for dinner after the show.

    2000 Saleen SC281 #0388

  10. Ha Ha!

    That’s not a good enough excuse Barry. I can always leave one of the non-Saleens out of the garage for the night. :D

    Well, hopefully you can make the after show dinner. It was a blast last year.
  11. Looks like there won't be any VIOLET Saleens there this year :( Definately too far to go from OH, especially w/ the 4.10's :D I am going to try and make the Indiana National Show this weekend though...