who here will have an 05 by the end of the year?

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  1. Don't post if you don't definitely plan on having an 05 in your garage or driveway by the end of 2004. If you are going to have one, have you ordered it already? What are you getting?

    edit--ok, I'll make an exception for anyone waiting for a vert. :D
  2. I'm waiting to see what the vert will look like/pricing on a loaded one before I decide coupe or vert.
  3. Sonic Blue GT

    I have a Sonic Blue on order.....Full vin # assigned , last (6) digits 100748. No firm production date issued yet.

    Deluxe GT
    Side air bags
    Shaker 500
    5 sp
    Spoiler delete
    Dark charcoal
    Std wheels
  4. are the 05's not going to be out soon? We already have the 05 vettes here....
  5. Job 1..... Sept 7
  6. I have a confirmed order for the a Premium Sonic Blue GT, going to get a printed copy of it when I goto my parents this weekend.

    The dealership my father works for was alloted 2 2005's mine was ordered as their second.

    No word yet on delivery date or price.

    Premium Sonic Blue 2005 Mustang GT
    Automatic Transmission
    Dark Charcoal Interior
    Shaker 1000 Sound
    Security System
  7. Torch Red loaded, can't wait.
  8. Windveil Blue. Second in dealers alloction. :D
  9. 2005 GT Legend Lime on order, first dealer allocation in my area, was told to expect delivery Oct. 15 . dont know if I can wait that long :D
  10. Not sure on the color yet, but I am waiting until they come out on the lots. I am hoping to get a premium v6 with leather, sports package, and accent package! :D
  11. I've got a Satin Silver GT ordered under dealer allocation (they got 2), ordered as demo so it shows up early... I hope!

    :D :D
  12. Im gunna Preorder mine really soon. Anyone here know of a good dealership in Austin, Texas? This is my first car I'm buying but my parents are going to help out with the payments.

    Mine is gunna be Clearcoat Black and Black with the Red Accent package for the interior and completly loaded and automatic transmission.
  13. And, on dealer lots September 27-29.
  14. I ordered a Redfire GT Vert, loaded, manual... no VIN Number assigned for me because my dealer can't even put in the order for the vert yet. But, it's on order with my dealer and the day they can enter it, they will. I may change the color; the silver is looking sharper and sharper to me...
  15. I ~hope~ to have one by the end of the year. Come October, I will turn 40, and the Mustang Fastback turns 40.

    The wife is going to take my Ford Explorer, we'll sell her Sable, and I get the Mustang.

    If there are crazy premiums being asked for, and I can't get it near MSRP, I might delay until the craziness calms down. I refuse to pay a premium over MSRP.

    I like the light silver color myself. If I get it, I'll take it to a good paint shop and have them put on a set of white Shelby stripes, like the show car had, or or ultra-light-silver . I may even have someone put on a spoiler like the photochops (I'm going for the wing delete), but only if they do it in sheet metal and lead. No fiberglass or bondo for me.
  16. First dealer allocation of 2.
    Premium Windveil GT Auto. Have DORA confirmation fax.
  17. I'm ditchin the FWD Turbo for the RWD V8. This is a big step for me as I've only owned fwd compacts. I've always wanted a stang and this is the one. I've never been closed minded about cars and consider myself an enthusiast. I test drove an 03 GT and wasn't that impressed. Between the lackluster performance, the interior, and the handling (body roll, suspension setup) I felt this might not be the ride for me. For 2005 Ford attacked every one of my problems and made the car sexy sweet. I'm going to wait until they start having a couple on the lots before I get mine. I won't pay a cent over MSRP plus I need to see some of the colors in person before I get it. The 2 colors that I've seen so far that I'd go for are the silver and dark red. I'd like to see the Windveil blue and legend lim in person though. If the windveil looks as good as it does in the photos I might go with that. I hope the dealers can meet the demand by Dec. because I don't want to have to wait until the new year to get one. Hopefully Ford doesn't have to many issues with the first run like they have had in the past.
  18. can't wait

    05' GT Legend Lime loaded except the Shaker 1000 (My order form stated there was a delay with the 1000 and I don't much care for an excessive sound system). Last 6 VIN ...103745. :nice:
    I spoke with my dealer today and he said his system stated the order status said "delayed." He also stated that Ford won't put in firm dates and such until they are ready to ship out parts etc. He hasn't heard anything about these so called allocated cars to dealers everyone keeps speculating about. Lots of hearsay here.
    I kindof wish there was racing stripes as an option. I think some of the pics of the 05' at some shows with the racing stripes looked good.
  19. o5 orders

    The latest info I have is a "Rev Spec" hold on my order. Probably relating to the same parts issues.
  20. I'll Have one by then. See my post in the thread 05 Mustang Pricing.