who is ACTUALLY buying an '05 stang ASAP?

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Who is actually buying an 05 Stang ASAP?

  1. yes, buying one as soon as i can

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  2. nope

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  1. I for one, will be ordering mine as soon as the option is available!!!

    i want it now!

    who's wit me?
  2. I am, but it has to have at least the 300hp 3v,
    if its a late avail. option, I'll order it ,and get one when the 3v is ready.
  3. waiting for the Cobra.
  4. i'm waiting to see the official thing in january. if i still like it i'll be getting it as soon as i can :D
  5. I'll wait until the 06 model, probably the cobra, it is up to how rich (or poor) I'll be in October 2006.
  6. :stupid: My words exactly.
  7. I've got to see the real car first, not just the concept and renderings of it. If I like it, I'll probably pick up a slightly used 05 or a new 06 when I graduate from the Citadel in 2006.
  8. I'm waiting for available special editions, prices on the '06 Cobra, and of course the final design before I make the commitment to a '05 GT.
  9. maybe i can get a used 05 in 2007 lol
  10. I'm going to wait until I can get IRS on the GT.
  11. Not me, I'll be waiting until at least 2006 when prices will come down due to dealer discounts & rebates and there is an IRS option for the GT.
  12. I will when I get out of college... 2009!
  13. I'm going to wait until theprices come down on the 2006/2007 GT and until the new Cobra comes out. I may wait until 2007 to get a 2007 Cobra if the prices on the Cobra are reasonable. If not, then I will want to buythe 2007 GT.
  14. I want one in 2007 when I get out of college, hopefully they will make a boss or mach special edition, then I will get one.
  15. I've been saving up some money but I'm not sure if I will go Mustang this time around... Looking at an AWD Audi, or a Subaru WRX also. I will see in mid 2005, by then I should be able to buy a new one almost fully cash. The new Mustang would be a weekend car for me so I'd have to wait 3 years before I can get one :)
  16. Im waiting for a cobra.... maybe even a lightning.
  17. Definately not
    1. So far I don't like anything about it, haven't seen the real thing yet but they are obviously going for the look of the 60's Mustang which I never liked in the first place.
    2. Even if I liked it Im in college and don't have the cash

    In about three years i'll be out of college, by the time I get enrolled in my career and settled down i'll probably go for a BMW or something more on the luxury side.
  18. I really thought I would get an 06 Cobra as soon as they came out, but now after seeing what might be the production car I will wait to see it in the showroom. If it looks exactly like the pics in person then no I will not buy one.
  19. Hey bit,
    I guess that you don't like retro styling then.

    The 2005 Mustang GT and the 2006 Cobra have many styling que's from the 60's. SOme people like them and others don't. I myslef LOVE the new style 2005 Mustang. I'm hoping that the 2006 Cobra is going to resemble the 1967-1968 or the 1969-1970 Shelby Cobra. I am leaning towards buying a Cobra the next time around if I buy another Mustang. I am hoping that it will be in 2007 or early in 2008. By then I am hoping that there will be good deals on the Cobra. I have a feeling that there will be good deals in 2007 or in 2008 for the Cobra Mustang just like there were in 2002 and 2003 for the Cobra. We'll have to wait and see. But until then, I still have a lot of miles to rack up on both of my Mustangs which I currently own now.
  20. I definitely can't wait for the 05 stang to come out. I'm not going to buy it though, I figure the 03/04 Cobras will be ridiculousy cheap by then. I'm already starting to see them go for 26K!!!

    03/04 Cobra for me in 2005!! :flag: