Who is teh #1 person on this forum u'd like to meet in person?

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  1. may seem like a ghetto thread, but I wanna see who here would want to meet who the most.

    btw merry christmas in 1.5 hours!.

    i'll start

    id probably choooosee.....
    his ghettoness knows no bounds! so i would be able to relate.
    you're not still sporting that front bumper thats from a different car are you? hehe
    those pics you sent me recently look great, so i assume you have changed it.
  2. I'd like to meet 98CobraClone, so he can give me my new seat for my SHO, and I can swap the motor in his 78, and so I can hear that sweetazz whissle on his 98 vert, hehe. Besides, that's my bro, I gotta be giving him props and all.
  3. I'd wanna meet 77sleeper so I can shove my foot up his ass in person =D
  4. Many people in here would like to meet me.......Ron Jeremy.

    I'm the famous fat and hairy adult film star that all you guys wish that you all were.

    All the chicks want to meet me all the time.
  5. I know alot of stangnet people, so I guess I dont really wanna meet anyone though...
    maybe I wanna meet some of the "old" stangnet people... that have been around a while :)

  6. sure hope you bring some friends
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  7. I don't want to meet anyone, you people scare me!

    by the way merry christmas. To send me my present just PM me I will give you my address to send it to along with my wish list so you know what to buy me. :D
  8. yeah i got yer christmas present right here...


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  9. Splattered is my hero. I wouldn't mind spending a week in Hawaii.
  10. Aww, you know I love you :)
  11. I'd like to meet the girl that was on here a couple of weeks ago and showed her belly button ring :)
  12. :cheers:

  13. You didn't need to send your picture to me!
  14. I know lots of chicks with belly button rings. Maybe the girl that was in here a few weeks ago with the beely button ring was one of my starlets. :D
  15. Cobrakiller, get good price on supercharger :D