Roush Who made 88 Saleen Wheels

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jimmylongface, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hey i really need to know the answer to this question asap...... so i got a pair of 88 saleen wheels off an 88 saleen. Well i put them on Ebay and now after being asked a question i go to the back of the wheels and look at what is stamped into the wheels. Its says Enkei. I then think that mybee Steve Saleen had a contract with that company to make his wheels for him or somthing. Then a buddy of mine told me that he saw that a another guy had a pair for sale that he said they were made by american racing company. Im not sure what to belive and i want to take these off ebay if they are not infact the ture 88 mesh style wheels.
  2. ARE (American Racing Equipment) did in fact supply Saleen with the wheels in '88. Enkei did make a wheel similar to the AREs. I believe Saleen did use Enkei wheels (as wheel as Riken and Hayashi) on some '85-'86 Saleens. I have both Riken and Hayashi wheels for my early '86 Saleen. It may be possible that the Enkei wheels you have may have been used by a previous owner to replace some damaged or missing AREs on an '88 Saleen.