Roush Who made the shocks in 1997?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ponyguy, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. I was reading my Mustang Standard Catalog 1964-2001 by Brad Bowling and of course digesting the Saleen section.

    In 1997 it says S351's have Bilstein shocks, S281's have Racecraft. Other years seem to list only Bilstein.

    Are S281 shocks not Bilstein, they look like them certainly? Anyone?
  2. The Racecraft shocks from what I understand were made by Carrera.
  3. who is carrera, so they are not rebuildable then like bilsteins.
  4. There was actually a "recall" on them due to a high rate of failure.

    You do not want these shocks on your car.

    Saleen was giving out N2s for the old ones when the "recall" was applicable.
  5. mine are yellow with red racecraft decals on them and blue dust covers. since i bought the car used is there a way to determine if i have bilsteins?
  6. You have Bilstiens
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  7. excellent, you are the expert around here, thanks!