who makes a stall converter for ll

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  1. I have a project 77 coupe 351 w and I get to the tranny I have a c-4 small shaft small bell like stock ll 91/2 boltn patern and nono of the converters have that small of pattern who makes one or do I have th use the 164 tooth bell
  2. Tourist Transmission in SLC made mine for me (2000 RPM stall)
  3. It depends on how much you want to spend on a converter, and what your expectations are. I have gone through 4 torque conveters before I have one that I'm tickled to death about! They have ranged from reworked stock converters, to no named units, one TCI unit that stalled lower than stock, and finally I had to have one made since I ballooned my reworked stocker. Edge converters did the one I am happy with http://www.edgeracingconverters.com/ but it wasn't cheap, $500 for the unit. Talk to andre, let him know what you've got, I can get about 3000rpm out of the foot break, and about a 3500rpm flash out of the converter, exactly what I wanted.
  4. Dynamic in Connecticut.
  5. I had ordered a TCI Street Fighter 3500 stall converter and the bolt pattern didn't fit it was to big. So I called them back up and told them and they sent me one out that fit perfect. I'm happy with it. I also have a C-4. I beleive it was a 10inch bolt pattern or something like that. It wasn't to cheap either though.