Who makes the best blackest black paint?? Anyone....PPG, DUPONT,Sherwin Williams???

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  1. Black is definitely a rewarding color when it's done right. I LOVE black, don't get me wrong, but my favorite has to be those really dark charcoal colors that have some metallic to it....almost black, but when the sun hits it it lights up. (you know, like the faded black primer on my car...lol)
  2. Professional Rustoleum Gloss Black, $29.99/gallon at Home Depot. :nice:
  3. Look up the paint code for the SILVERADO SS. My neighbor has one and it is an awesome black. I can't remember what color helps in the depth.
  4. what you need is DBC9700. its he blackest black there is. its also PPG just ask any PPG dist for that.
  5. PPG Vibrance. What I used when I re-did the stang. Mind you the black was covered in Candy Blue Clear Coat, but my painter uses nothing but PPG now, he swears by it.
  6. I use regular black Dupont. Used it for years....always looks great. I use Nason clear though...Dupont is supposed to be better, but it is more expensive. I have had no peeling or fading problems EVER with Nason....so no reason for me to swtich to anything else.