Who makes the best camshafts for 99+ GT's??

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by CL35thGT, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Price is another issue, I'm interested in quality and performance right now. Who makes the best camshafts?

  2. I've heard nothing but good things from VT :nice:
  3. what do you want to do to your car?
  4. lunati, shm, houston perf, VT....all seem to make some nice pieces
  5. Comp cams, VT

    Almost all 2v 4.6 cams are in the same price range: usually around $500-$600 for the cams alone.
  6. Another vote for VT. :nice:

  7. vt cams :nice: heard nothing but good things from them. also comp cams have looked pretty good
  8. Sorry I just crawled out from under a rock but what kind of a power increase can we get from a set of cams on our GT's? Street/strip not race only stuff.
    Also what does an instal cost on a set of cams, as I am kinda leary of doin that one myself. :shrug:
  9. I automatically narrowed my choices down to SHM, Comp and VT due to the fact they deal in new billets. Many of the other companies deal in regrinds.

    I bought the Comp Cams XE262AH cams that are IIRC 226/230 .550"/.550" 113*LSA. I have not installed them yet, but will be soon when my valvespring tool shows up via UPS.

    BTW, as far as gains go, Bill Putnam (Mustang92) got 22hp I believe from the VT mild cams.
  10. That all depends. There's some nice cams out there but, if your smog tests are pretty strict, you can kiss about 95% of those cams good bye.

    Namely, California. I think I've found maybe 1 cam that'll pass Cali. smog w/o any custom tuning needed. Granted you can get it tuned to pick up a bit more power and still have it pass but, as far as I know, most cams you come across, you can't touch if your state has strict emissions.

    I don't know what kind of emission laws you have in Florida but, if there are none, check out VT.
  11. N/A: ~19-25 rwhp
    Blown: ~80-95 rwhp**

    ** VT produced an 89 rwhp gain with there "blower cams" with ported heads.
  12. you really cant go wrong with VT or Comp. be sure to use Comp springs with ANY cam upgrade you decide on.

    i have VT Stage One cams on order. the gains i saw in Bill's car were too hard to pass up, and (as aways) i want to duplicate a proven combination. whats more impressive is the fact that Bill's car isnt really tuned yet... he dropped the VTs in and picked up 20/20 right off the bat.

  13. Man your going to be in the 11's soon. Thats really impressive. Keep up the good work.
    Matt :nice:
  14. Another vote for VT
  15. :nice:
  16. VT here also. I would look into doing the cam install yourself. It isn't to difficult if you have the right tools.
  17. BAh!!! The weapon won't make it into the 11s this year!! :jester:
  18. I've very happy with my VT cams. As far as which ones are best nobody I know has done a back to back test on different cams from the major companies. Really I don't see it happening either since someone would have to shell out $2400 just for cams alone to do the test. Comparing one car to another is really only good for general comparison but otherwise too many other parts can affect the numbers.

  19. when i said you really cant go wrong with either i was thinking of Kurgan's car. the Comp cams he got work very well in a stock longblock, he picked up a bunch.

    its too bad he dosent have a Bullitt intake... it would be interesting to see Bill's VTs vs. Kurgan's Comps head to head since both guys have bone stock engines.

  20. I picke dup 40hp and 20tq going to longtubes and the rest of the exhaust and the comps over my stock dyno. I was pretty happy with that, considering I was running the same mufflers and a prochamber and picked up 3hp and 0tq. My car didn't like that setup for some reason.