Who owns an 05 as their first Ford/Mustang?

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  1. I know most of us who have an 05 are dedicated knuckle dragging Mustang nuts, but I am curious if we have any new converts. Someone who wasn't even looking at a Mustang or Ford line until the 05's came out?
  2. This is my first Mustang. I've always loved them and due to some recent events in my life I was finally able to go out and get my "dream car" and keep my Tahoe too. This way the new pony doesn't have to get salt all over her from the roads when the weather is bad. She can sit in the garage under her pretty red "blanket" that my hubby bought me for Christmas.
  3. I'm new to the Mustang. I started looking for cars around this time last year. I never really put too much thought into the Mustang. Not that I didn't like it, I just always ASSUMED it was out of my price range. When I looked up the 2004s, I was shocked at how affordable they are.

    My friend suggested that I check out the 05. Searched the web, saw some pics, LOVED it. I remember the first time I saw it in person (2004 Philly Auto Show).

    I was never really loyal to any particular manufacturer, but this car may do it for me.
  4. Last two cars were a Firebird V6 and a Firebird Formula. So I've come over from the dark side. :spot:

    Although, I did own a '67 Cougar, back in the day, which of course was essentially a Mustang with hideaway headlights.

    Now waiting impatiently for my 2005 Mineral Gray Mustang....
  5. I think I've mentioned this before, but since this thread is about new Mustang owners, I'll mention it again. I've had 4 different Camaros in my life so far, and with my ex, a 1997 Firebird. Funny thing is, I started getting the sports car bug again just before I saw the 2005's, and I was looking at the 04's, which still look nice. But when I saw the 05 Mustang, I felt like I had finally found a good mixture of old hot rod and new technology. There are a couple of other vehicles I find interesting in their own merit, but I always come back to the 'stang.
    On a side note, I've heard rumors of a new Camaro coming out in 07, or in a few years, but they'd have to be really hot to drag me away from 'the dark side'. :D
  6. Not my first but . .

    Last Mustang I had was an 85 GT with, for the time, an amazing 180HP (automatic). I still remember all the hype back then about the "return of the American muscle car". Seems like we've come full circle again. When I sold it a few years later I switched to Japanese cars because of their reliability and more recently to German cars for their performance. I was in the process of negotiating a deal on a Subaru LegacyGT when I dropped by the Ford dealer to take a look at the new 05 Mustangs. I wasn't serious, just wanted to take a look, but a test driver later it was bye bye Subaru and hello Mustang. :D

    So far I'm impressed. The build quality is not what I expected from Ford, The handling and performance is much better than I expected and it's styling is just drop-dead gorgeous. Finally a car with some character. How reliable it is remains to be seen but I think Ford's got a winner here and will sell a bunch of them.

    Now if Ford would only redesign the T-Bird with a bit of the Mustang's style and character I might be temped to have 2 Fords in the garage.
  7. This is my first Mustang. I really liked the styling and 300hp doesn't hurt.

    I have had a lot of other Ford products;

    93 Mercery Topaz, Daughters car, w/260k miles, sold.
    95 Thunderbird, 4.6 V8, w/115k miles, totaled due to hail damage.
    97 F250 Powerstroke, sold. w/65k miles.
    01 F250 Powerstroke, still have, w/43k miles.
    03 Focus, daughter's new car.

    and the newest addition
    05 MUSTANG GT, Black, Loaded w/everthing but side air bags!
  8. I had a 65 Mustang 3 years ago I started restoring but never completely finished, and eventually sold it.
    I loved Mustangs when they first came out in 65. Loved the look all the way through 73. 1974 to 2004 Didnt care much for the look. Saw the 2005 and it was like the 60s all over again only MUCH better.
    Ordered in Nov, hoping for late Jan delivery.
  9. I havent got the 05 yet but im just waiting to save a bit more before i do buy it, probably by may. Anyways, I have always thought muscle cars were cool but never was really interested in owning one until the 05 gt came out. I actually saw some concept photos a while ago but didn't really look at them seriosuly since i figured it was expensive like was stated before.

    I've owned 3 nissans and currently vw gti so its going to be a big change for me. I was deciding between the stang, 350z and golf r32 but the stang has won :D
  10. This car is only my third Ford (1999 F-150, 2000 Lightning), and my very first Mustang.

    I've driven GM all my life until 1999, now it's nothing but Ford.
  11. I'm a GTO man. I own a 65 GTO ragtop and a 67 GTO hardtop coupe.
    I would like to get the new GTO but it does nothing for me. The Australian Holden style body just isnt special to me. Believe me, I tried real real hard to like it. I have always turned my head when a old Mach would drive by but I never imagined myself owning a Mustang. That is until I got a load of the 2005. It tugged at me. It sparked the musclecar fire inside me that I have only felt in my Goats. I ordered the 2005 GT over a month ago. Funny thing was it was cheaper to order it. My credit union has a deal with my local dealerships that is like the X-Plan if you order a car. The ones they have on the lot are selling at MSRP and above. They are obligated to honor the order agreement sooo they are stuck selling it to me for less than they could get. They even said I didnt have to put down a deposit as they would be happy if I didnt end up getting it. The Fleet man said they could sell it in a day for above MSRP. Wow..... I appreciate several kinds of cars and this new one is awesome.
    I am buying it as a present for my wife. She went nuts when we saw one in a parking lot in November. I have never seen her this passionate about a car. Our kids are at an age where she doesnt need the strollers, etc that mandate a Mom type car and she has always had a standard sporty car in the past. Her birthday is in the later part of Feb. I ordered Dec 1st. My fingers are crossed in the hopes that I can put a big red Lexus type bow on it for her birthday. I had to get her something that will stand out...a Screaming Yellow GT with every available option except leather seats. For some reason she doesnt like leather. Anyway....I am really looking forward to borrowing it from time to time. :D
    I have enjoyed this forum as well. Keep up the great info!!! :nice:
  12. First Mustang, third Ford

    I've had two Fords before... a 1971 Pinto (my first car!) and a 1996 Explorer V8.

    The Pinto was a total piece of crap, but the good thing was that every part that broke only cost about $25 -- water pump, timing belt, starter, etc.

    The Explorer was problem free (with exception of check engine light due to fuel vapor leak) for the 7 years I had it.

    I have a GT on order. It should arrive late February or early March. Can't wait!

    BTW, first post! I've been reading all I can about the 05's for a few weeks now and look forward to being able to give back to the forum once I get mine and learn its ins and outs. This is the best 05 forum on the net.
  13. First Ford of any kind for me. 05 Screamin Yellow Vert. Hopefully here by mid May.
  14. This is my FIRST Stang ever --Not my last.

    Never owned one before and ended up buying the vert (black, premium) --I've tried posting photo's but the site says files too big.
    Driving around town I notice allot of snapped necks when i drive by and finger pointing. And I've had more than a few strangers come running into my office asking about her at work.
    Yesterday I decided to REALLY push the poor gal I slammed the throttle to the floor in second gear and hung on for dear life, not even watching the speedo --JUST the tach.
    At 6000 REDLINE I glanced over at the speedo (84 mph!!!) slammed into 3rd hit 100 at redline again and then backed off but she wanted more -- the engine sounded like a Saturn Five rocket at ignition point. My white knuckled wife in the passenger seat needed an immediate JD shooter and budweiser chaser her nerves were shot for the day.
    Shaker 500 no CD problems but the stereo needs to be cranked up pretty high to hear CD's with the top down at speed (60 mph and up) --although wind is a non-issue.
    I love the way she drives so quiet and peaceful when you baby her, and when you get pissed off and slam down on the gas she doesn't hesitate just like a bucking bronco she lets out a roar and takes off -- like you smacked her in the ass with a cattle prod.
    I ESPECIALLY like low throttle build-up with bystanders around -- S L O W L Y gunning her until the tach is hitting "detonate zone' and everybody is looking at you like what the sam hell is going on -- then you hard shift, fart the tires at the customer base and head off into the sunset.
    Ah yes, the joys of a hot car -- Pontiac shouldtake note they should SCRAP the whole GTO makeup and go with a retro GTO -- we might end up with some competition. :flag:
  15. This would be my frist mustang. I love the styling of the 05.
  16. My 05 is my first mustang. I wanted a Mustang when I was 16 (when the 94's cames out). However, I really took a liking to Camaros and Trans Ams in the late 90's and SUV's/Trucks from 00-04 (although never owned one - was always too young and couldn't afford it or the insurance). But it's funny how things always seem to come first circle, because when the 05 stang came out, I just fell in love with it all over again. Now that I'm 26 and have an income, I was able to buy it. I'm glad I was forced to wait for this one because my 05 GT is the car of my dreams.
  17. I've owned everything BUT a Mustang...

    I got my first car almost 40 years ago. :rolleyes:

    Yes... I'm older than dirt! I've owned everything from a Chevelle SS and Camaro to a Miata and a Mercedes. I long ago lost count of how many cars/trucks I've owned but it's upwards of 40 now. (Yes... I love cars and always have 3 at any time and trade regularly.)

    But... this is the first Mustang. I always wanted a Shelby in the late 60's and early 70's but couldn't afford one as a teenager of course. By the time I COULD afford one I had a family and Shelbys were already very collectable.

    But this body style "did it" for me and I sold my tricked-out Wrangler play Jeep and bought my Redfire GT coupe. I have to say- this is my all-time favorite car out of the 40-50 I've owned. It turns heads EVERYWHERE and flat gets with the program in the "go" department.

    So now I have an '04 Honday Odyssey (Yep... practical, dependable and uninspiring), an '04 F350 Supercab along with the Mustang.

    Fun thread,

  18. This is my first Mustang. Infact, my first new car. :banana:
    Ive always wanted to get a Mustang, I love this car. Its not going to be my last one. Next in line is a Mustang GT, when I have more money :D. However, I loved this car when I saw it in a magazine 2 years ago as a concept. I wanted it ever since. I wasnt really going to buy it so soon, but I saw it, fell in love, and I had to get it. Infact, if it wasnt for the money I was going to lose on my trade in, I would have been able to get a GT. But i still love the V6, its sweet. :nice:
  19. First Mustang for me too. We own an 02 Explorer which we are thrilled with so far. After seeing the new pony there was no question what I was buying next. Mine is on order and should be here around June. I can't wait.

    GT Redfire Coupe
    Charcoal leather interior
    Shaker 500
  20. First Ford of any kind. I was taken by the total package - styling (both interior and exterior) and 300hp. I had new car fever and was looking for something that was "just right". I also looked at the GTO, RX-8 and Crossfire..as well as Chrysler 300C. In the end, it was the new stang that met all my needs - aesthetics, power and roominess.
    And my love for it has turned me into a stang nut - witnessed by the fact that I'm here.