Who owns an 05 as their first Ford/Mustang?

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  1. This is my 1st Mustang. Never liked any Mustang from about 72 on! Sorry! But, when this one came out, that was it! The minute I saw the 05, I knew this was my Mustang. My wife drives a 2002 SportTrac and we love it! Before this Mustang I've had:
    2000 Isuzu VehiCROSS - Wish I could have kept this one!
    2000 Nissian Xterra
    1991 Lincoln Continental
    1989 Ford Ranger Pickup - Given to me!
    1989 Dodge Spirit
    1988 Dodge Ram 50

  2. Like 05SatinSilver, I only like the older Mustangs. I think the fox body Mustangs are hideous and the 94+ Mustangs needed something done to their boring front end. Well, the new body style fixed all of that and with the performance to boot. This will be my first Stang ever but not my first Ford. I currently drive an '03 Focus wagon. It really isn't mine, but when my parents were killed by a drunk driver my brothers and I finished off the payments to keep it since it is practical. Before the Focus my twin brother and I had an early Nissan Maxima (this was kind of cool since it could talk) which wasn't bad for a first car and it was free so you can't argue with the cost. I really can't wait for my Mustang to get here so that I can know what it is to own a Mustang.
  3. this will be my first mustang, previous cars include 86 celica, and 96 sidekick
  4. I had a 1967 mustang way back when (my brother now has it) and since then have never considered any Ford vehicle. Now that I am in the middle of a "mid life crisis" I wanted a fun car to drive. I almost bought a 04 GT last summer, but I started seeing pictures of the 05 and really liked the new body style. Ordered mine in January and received it March 24. Thoroughly enjoy the car especially with the top down.
  5. Szlachcic -

    Reading your post, I was saddened about what happened to your parents. Working in the "system", I've seen this happen time and again. That said, I hope the person was caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just wanted to say - sorry for the loss of your parents and the tragic circumstances surrounding it. I think people would be less tempted to risk drinking and driving if they were more aware of how profoundly that choice can potentially impact others. Same goes for street racing...

  6. Agreed 100%. I try to avoid drinking completely when driving (let alone come close to the legal limit) - especially now that I have my stang. When I was in lawschool I spent a summer working for a law professor who represented Mothers Against Drunk Driving and my father is a driving instructor, so the I've heard of a lot of horror stories. As for racing, it should only be done on tracks under monitored conditions. Moreover, I've waited my whole life to get this car - I'm not gonna risk destroying it now.
  7. This is my first Mustang...well, my first Ford actually. I've owned a 1980 Camaro RS, 1981 Camaro and a 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda. I still own the 'Cuda, but its for sale. My dad has a 67 Chevelle Malibu pro-street car. He had a '62 Ford Galaxy Xl500 when he was my age.
  8. I used to have an 84 v6 mustang hatch back which was my first car. After I got married I donated it and bought a 98 Dodge Neon. My wife had a 93 V6 Camero and Traded that for 2001 VW passat. (family car) I finally hit 31, and decided I needed a new car. I am not really brand specific. And I was thinking on the lines of Mini Cooper, SRT-4, Then the Dodge Magnums came out and I was thinking on getting that. I never thought about getting another mustang (never liked the old body style) until the 05 came out. The rest is history.
  9. Thank you for your kind words they mean a lot to me. The guy was caught since he got out of the van after it happened and just sat down. He was right near my twin brother and myself, and it took a ton of restraint not to kill him. I don't always like mentioning what happened to my parents, but if it does make people think about drinking and driving then it makes me feel better.
  10. This is not only my first mustang, but my first new car. My last car was a 1987 Buick Grand National. I've always been a GM guy, prefering the older larger bodied musclecars. The GN was getting a bit old and becoming a real pain to deal with so I had been thinking of getting rid of it for the last few years.

    Well during Thanksgiving my best friend and I went home to visit our parents and the Ford dealership just happened to have a new Mustang GT on the lot.It was black with the upgrade red leather interior. My friend almost had an aneurism on the spot, he had to drive it. So we did. I had seen the new stang and thought they looked cool, but they were made by Ford and thus inferior right. Apparently not!

    I drove it and was very impressed. The ride was more comfortable than my aging Buick and it had a good deal of power. Plus it could be purchased with a manual transmission. Something I had missed since I got rid of my 95' Firebird. I went home and obssessed over the car for the next two months. And to make a long story short I purchased my Redfire GT in January. I haven't looked back since. :D
  11. This is my first Mustang....I've always loved the look of the late 60's Mustangs....Ford has really brought the Mustang full circle. I have always been a Ford person, currently owning a F-150, Escape and an Escort.
  12. I am one of the "new" old converts. I allways loved the look of the 60's and early 70's ponycars. Couldn't care less for anything made afterwards. But I'm not a mechanic and didn't want the maintenance hassles of having a daily driver with 200-300,000 miles or more on it.

    The '05 was just what I was wanting.

    It isn't my first Ford though. We currently own our 3rd Explorer and have also owned a T-bird, Taurus, and a Windstar. I guess you could say we bleed blue in my house.

  13. Anyone know how to go about doing the paint for the "blackout panel" look? This 2005 Mustang is the first car that Ford's made in the last 30 years that I've just HAD to have... LOVE at first sight---didn't think it was possible :) ... my last three have been Hondas (reliable, good mpg, not terribly stylish...) and a crappy Saturn SL2.
  14. Technically, this is my first.......Technically, it's hers, not mine though.

    My Previous Vehicles:

    (1983) 66 Chevelle 454 4speed (Painted it red)
    (1987) 76 VW Scirocco (Red, painted it blue)
    (1989) 89 Toyota 4x4 (Red)
    (1999) 99 F250 Crew Powerstroke (Red, still own)

    (2005) Soon to be built 05 V6 (Redfire w/ Red ICAP)


    Had to have this car. Wanted a Mustang for my first car but had no money. My dream has come true now. My wife had an 85 Mustang when we met and sold it for a new 89 Nissan Pulsar which she had when we got married......

    Anyone wanna guess what color it was?? :shrug:
  15. This will be my first Mustang (locked-in for build this week) and will be a nice upgrade over my previous muscle cars (Plymouth Sundance and Dodge Neon which equate to about 38hp combined)... So my Legend Lime V6 (I'm leaving the V8 for my next car) will be my first fun car... Originally was planning on getting a Mini Cooper, but Mini Cooper dealerships are few and far between. Then I locked my sights on the Mazda RX-8 which I test drove and liked but wasn't wow'd by it's performace(smooth but no heart)... so, same day I headed over to a Ford dealership and gave an 05 Mustang V6 a test drive and fell instantly in love... performance, styling, inside and out were way better than the RX-8 for me... I immediately got on a wait list for a GT, but a few days latter after realizing how long I'd have to wait and that X-plan wouldn't be taken I decided on the V6... from what I've read and my test drive experience I think I'll love it... and hey it still leaves me the pleasure of another performance jump down the road when I get a V8... think I'll keep my Neon for bad weather and just to have something to snicker at...
  16. Don't have an '05 yet, but...

    I am getting ready to place an order for the '06 GT. This will be my 9th Mustang. I am really a fan of the '65 - '71 Mustangs and the new models are right up my alley. Now I just need to pick a color (Screamin' Yellow, Torch Red, Mineral Grey, or the new Tungsten). Decisions, decisions!

    I have in the past owned:
    '65 Coupe 302 V8 (crate motor) C4 Auto
    '66 Coupe 289 V8 C4 Auto Charcoal Grey w/black vinyl top
    '68 Coupe 289 V8 C4 Auto Gold w/black vinyl top
    '69 Coupe 250 V6 3sp Manual white
    '71 MACH I 351C V8 C6 Auto black
    '71 MACH I 351C V8 C6 Auto Red / Black
    '71 MACH I 351C V8 FMX Auto Red / Black (parts car)

    And my current Stang is:
    '02 GT Black 5sp Manual

  17. First Mustang, first Ford for that matter. Owned an 82 berlinetta w.LG4 in high school, been driving import vehicles ever since the camaro went to the crusher back in 96.
  18. Like many other responders I was a GM man as well. I always preferred the looks of the Firebird (& Camaro) over the Mustang and purchased a new Formula in 91. Never even considered buying a Mustang until I saw the current version at the 2003 auto show at Jacob Javitts in NYC. Fell in love immediately and have been waiting almost 2 years now to get one (they were supposed to arrive in early to mid 2004). I swore I would never buy a new car again, new cars are a major waste of money IMO. You can pay 30K for a new car … then drive it 5 miles home to your house … and not be able to sell it the next day for 27 grand (cuz now it’s “used”). I like to buy cars 2-3 years old w/ 30-50K miles (and 30-40% off retail). Of course, that logic went out the window when I saw the new stang. My expectations were confirmed when I read the first road tests.

    Now if they would just deliver the damn thing…
  19. this is my first mustang i did own a 67 gt cougar years ago (dumb for getting rid of it) but i do own many fords 96 windstar,96 ranger extracab and 90 motorhome 23' the only non fords are the bikes and my 4 seater sand rail. i know im going to get kicked but i never realy liked what they did to the stang mid 70s but i saw a concept 2 years ago and realy liked what i saw. wasnt till i was at the dealer droping off my wifes car that i decided to get one. i have always put the family first wife 4 kids, house dog 2 cats, but i did it wife loves it paid cash got x-plan. having fun with my sons fixing it up. 44 years old my first of the lot new car.
  20. First Mustang ever - at age 54! Last car with muscle was my 65 GTO in high school - and I am reliving those times now! Actually ordered my GT before I ever saw one - living in the UK kinda makes it hard to test drive many cars. But I took a chance after reading advance reviews, and ended up with the first one registered in the country last December (I was told anyway). Originally I was just going to buy it and sell it shortly after - since they were expected to retail for twice the U.S. price over here. Didn't realize how much I would love it! Well, still looking to sell it and get that profit - next summer, when I can get a Shelby Cobra! And I'll make money on that one too - if I can ever make myself give it up -