Who owns an 05 as their first Ford/Mustang?

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  1. What she (GTJade) said... I feel for you man.

    First Mustang here. Presently we (my wife) has an 05 Escape, and I've got an 72 F-250 Hot-Rod truck. Owned an early 90's Escort. Can't wait till the Mustang is parked out front... GT baby... smoke them tires...
  2. First car from my parents
    80 La Baron (mom's old car)
    84 Duster (senior HS present frm Dad)
    85 Camaro V8 (Finally, something I wanted)
    88 RX7 Turbo (my gift to me for graduating college)
    94 RX7 Twin Turbo (dream machine)
    Ford Explore Eddy version (thought I would go mountains more than I did)
    Ford F150 HD version (back to fast again, but gas got too expensive and sold it)
    05- ??
    05 MG GT (finally a stang I love)

    The first 2 where "freebies" ... beggers can not be choosy... so don't hold that against me.
  3. First ever

    The 05 Mustang is my first Amarican car ever. First time I saw the Mustang consept car I was blown away, thats what I want. Long wait for the produktion to start. Orderd my stang in feb -04 delivered feb -05! and I love it.

    Now I have ordered the Shelby Cobra, in time I hope?

    Satin Silver GT all extras but the wheels, keeping the bullit.
  4. My first Ford\Mustang was actually a 1967 Mustang with a 289 I had back in 1989 but I just had to comment on your 1982 Mercury Capri. Very Cool! :nice: My car is actually a 1980 Capri disguised as a 1990 Mustang. LOL I would LOOOOVE to have an '05 tho. :worship:
  5. All new to me.

    First new car, first Ford, first Mustang. Nothing but smiles from this car.
  6. I will admit I am a first time stanger, and lifelong convert. I've owned a Taurus (it was free) and a couple of Rangers. Nothing against the Taurus, but it was a family car, when I didn't have need for it. Now that I am married I get a stang (not exactly a family car, when I should have got one). Ahh well, that's what the gas hog Durango the wife drives is for.
  7. My 05 GT Convertible is my FIRST US car that I ever bought. As most of you know my opinions of American cars are not flattering to say the least. Other than the Vette and the recent Cadillacs and Chryslers, you couldn't PAY me to drive the horrendous cars that Ford and GM built. The Camaros, and particularly the Trans Ams have to be among the most tacky low budget trash cars on the road. and the last twenty years of the Mustang was nothing short of a nightmare. Finally after 25 years of shoddy workmanship, poor design, lousy handling and horrible build quality the US is FINALLY building cars that are interesting and fairly well built. Read what the pros have to say and they will concur. A recent article on the Cadillac praised the build quality and the "fun factor" of the car and they also said that 10 years ago they would have thought this to be IMPOSSIBLE. The bad news is the cadillac finished either dead last or almost dead last when compared to German performance sedans. Although m first American car broke down at 41 miles I do LOVE this new Mustang and have recommended it to several people.
  8. This is my first mustang and first car I ever bought. My last car was a 97 honda civic which my parents gave to me on my birthday 2yrs ago. I've always wanted to get a mustang even then, but then i had no money to pay for a new car. So 2yrs later, now i have my first mustang and i absolutely love it. :D
  9. Wow, Almost four months and still going! I am in San Diego a day away from leaving to Kuwait for 8 months and decided to stop in. Was surprised to see this thread still hanging around. :D

    My yellow 05 was my first new car ever, and like others here, I had NO interest in any new car, until that fateful debut of the concept in 03. Now having owned her going on 5 months, and 6,000 miles, I still have no regrets. I think about what kind of a used car you could buy with 30k, BMW, mercedes, porsche, vette, and it really doesn't matter. :shrug: Thouroughly happy with the stang :nice:

    Frankenstang, thanks for the kudos on the capri. However I am thinking about selling it to concentrate on a recently acquired 65 gallaxie 500.
  10. Bought my first Mustang last Wednesday. I'm 42. I told my wife the BMW just wasn't appropriate for a good mid-life crisis.

    Fire red GT
    spoiler delete
    sport appearance pkg
    upgraded wheels

    Traded a '99 BMW 540 on it. Miss the 540 until I drop the Mustang into gear and punch it. The 540 was much easier to drive fast but the 'stang has more real potential to go fast.

    First mod is gonna be a new stereo then probably a Steeda CAI and tune, then new wheels.

    fun fun fun!!!
  11. This is my first mustang and honestly the first time ive ever considered a ford. I thought the previous body style was ok. But definetely not something that grabbed my eye and made me say "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!" A little about me. My dad and I have gone to every single Chicago Auto Show for the past 11 years, we are major car people. It was two years ago that i first saw the concept pics. I thought it looked pretty cool since i had admired the mustangs of the late 60's since i had gotten into cars. then one year ago we went to the auto show and i saw the production 05 in person. I knew I had to have that car. it was exactly what i wanted. one year and something like 2 weeks later i would be driving in MY 2005 Mustang GT.
    I never even considered getting a different car. THIS was the car I wanted.
  12. I love the way the stangs look way back in 1995. But i was never allowed an american car since we vietnamese don't believe in anything not is not a toyota. After several hand me down camrys, I decided to go against rice rockets and now since my mother can't decide what I can drive anymore, I bought myself a Black GT convertible. Yes, it's my first stang and I'm loving it... :flag:
  13. First and only Ford. Only Ford I like is the Mustang and I quit liking those after mid 70's so I'm a convert of sorts since I still don't like any other models but I love my car
  14. Hey... my first post!
    As my name suggests... I've never owned a vehicle that wasn't built by the General (GM). Except my Harley.
    I sold all my GM cars and recently purchased a 1963 Lincoln Continental Vert that I found in a barn... and... 2 weeks ago I made the deal for a 2005 Mustang GT! I'll be here next week! Oh yeah!
    Since the Corvette is the only really attractive vehicle in the GM family I've switched sides. I was once a diehard Chevy guy... now I drive 2 Fords.
    This is also my first new (new off the lot) car, so it makes it that much more special.
  15. This is my first Mustang and I'm 45. In my younger days I had Camaro Z28s and the Mustang never really caught my eye except for the pre 70s, and I didn't know how to fix them.

    I knew the moment I saw this car that I needed one and it is more fun than I expectedand!!
  16. first mustang second ford. First ford is a 64 econoline 8 door short cargo van. Everything else has been foreign.
  17. When it comes to cars.. IMO Ford is the only way to go.. Trucks no question... cars..easy answer.. im with the big oval. This is my first mustang since im only 17 but i have always wanted one since i was little. I am car CRAZY and i love muscle cars especially Fords (mustangs) and also the Duece Coupe. Anyways... i got my Mustang two weeks ago and i love it completley. Its a '05 Screamming Yellow, V6 ( insurance), Auto. I wash it every week and have claybared and wax it. Everytime i see it i smile. When i walk to school from the parking lot i always look back at the car. Its my pride and joy and i will keep it forever. It is however not my first car. First car is/was a 1978 Ford F250, Blue, 460ci. Its not runnning at the moment (starter ate up the ring gear) but i believe that Ford does make Tough Trucks.. I bleed Ford Blue
  18. if you want to show pictures

    just reduce the size of your pictures on your paint program to 370 by 570, then it will let you post the picture.
  19. This is my 3rd Ford, 2nd Mustang... My first was a used '89 LX Convertible, the second Ford was an '88 Ford Fiesta, then I was going to buy a Mini, but found out (in late Feb) that a new 'Stang had come out, so I had to have it!
  20. My first Ford/Mustang, but Jewls, my girlfriend, this is her third. We just picked it up today and love it!