Who owns an 05 as their first Ford/Mustang?

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  1. I've owned two Fords before, a 63 Falcon convertable (still have it) and a very decrepid old '84 Bronco II that i had in college.

    Just before graduation from college I flew to Houston for a job interview. When I flew home with the job I immediately got on the internet and started searching for the car I was going to buy. I compared horsepower, torque, price, and style. I also liked the styling of the RX-8, the Nissan Z,the BMW Z3, Audi TT, and Crossfire.. many of which I'd still not be able to afford.

    I wanted the most raw power, 4 seats so that i could drive more than one friend, and affordability. The Mustang was the only one of all the cars I was considering that fit all of those criteria. A sweet bonus was that it looks the coolest of all the cars I saw. I fell in love with it at first sight!

    I've always prefered Fords and this will be my first Mustang.

    My Falcon has a 200cc straight 6 in it out of a '64 Mustang (that kinda counts, i suppose) so can I say that I've had owned 1/4 of a Mustang before?
  2. I guess there are a few new converts :D Count me as one. I saw the pictures back in 2002, and that was it. It was 3 long years of waiting - and driving a Neon... I went for the V6 because I figured I'd smash up a V8 since it has 2x the horsepower of the neon. So far, the V6 has been enough trouble (first speeding ticket in 12 years, although I wasn't driving more than 5 mph faster than I would have before...) I'm ready for more to be on the road so the cops don't have to pull me over to get a good look at one. :rolleyes:
  3. I had a 2001 Lighting with a flowmaster exhaust and a diablo sports chip. That truck was tons of fun.... A Mustang GT had to be my next car i mean its just a work of art man.... Muscle for Life.. :hail2:
  4. Let's see... Fords in my past:

    I drove my Mom's '67 Mustang 289 when I was in high school- liked it a lot.
    1974 Pinto (ugh!)
    1978 Fiesta :nice:
    1983 Escort
    1985 Econoline
    1995 Crown Vic
    2002 Crown Vic... and now:

    My first Mustang- 2005 Mustang GT Coupe. Love the car!!! :banana:
  5. I'm only 18 but so i guess I converted from the dark side early...I had a '97 Camaro Z28 and my mom's PT Cruiser (would that be the Fairy Side?) .... My first Ford, First manual tranny, Not my first speeding tickets....
  6. My cars have been:
    '87 IROC Z28
    '88 BMW 325
    '88 Nissan Pulsar

    8 to 6 to 4 cylinder, I think it's time to get back to 8, and something made within the last 16 years. Lovin this car so far.