Progress Thread Who Remembers These?

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  1. I've removed the logo on the airbox so you might need to be old like me to remember. LOL
    I used to love these old somewhat forgotten mods from the early 5.0 days.
    Always wanted one and picked it up "cheap" on Craigslist. Installed it on my '88 over the weekend.
  2. march ram air
  3. yep. March ram air. Somebody else on here just had some pics with one installed. Maybe they're making a comeback.
  4. watch for puddles, and check that box regularly for crap that gets sucked into it.
  5. Hey there are some old guys in here. LOL
    Yeah I've heard the horror stories for years from items getting sucked in. I don't drive it in the rain so puddles won't be a problem.

    As I mentioned I've always thought they were cool! At least the huge gapping scoop looks cool down there. The theory on these is sound as that scoop should really collect some air. Who knows, it might pick up a couple extra pony's.:nice:

    After my September birthday ,annual emissions trips will be over for this car. (25 years)
    I have plans for an offroad H pipe/2 chamber Flowmaster exhaust combo to acheive that 80's vintage rumble and maybe a couple more pony's.

    Can't wait.
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  6. Friend of mine had one on his 89 notch back in like 98. Get some south side lift bars (?) or whatever those were. Add to the nostalgia feel.

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  7. Brother-n-law had one of these back in like 98. I saw someone drill some holes in the rear of the scoop to allow water to escape easier. Just saying. Cool piece though, looks like its in great shape.

  8. ah yes, the old March leaf and bug catcher. I had one on my car back in the day for about a week. It sucked up every damn piece of road trash, bug, leaf, and puddle. If you insist on keeping it on at a minimum drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and put some screening over the opening.

    Don't make me post a picture of my hogged out stock upper intake and throttle body from 1987. Hard to believe it , but there was a time when there were no aftermarket parts for these motors. We all did the 10 second tune ups and thought that was 160 thermostats, short belts, hogged out stock intakes, removed silencers, ram airs.....
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  9. Exactly. March RamWater is more like it LOL
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  10. Haha, I had one too on my old coupe. Put a mesh screen on the front of it and drain holes in the bottom.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys.
    Trust me, I've known of the debris and water issues with these for years. I'm not concerned. If I was I would not have put it on the car. This car is not a daily driver, is pampered and is only driven when its nice/dry and typically on short trips. I retired this car from daily driver duty in 1991.(Yep bought it new.)
    Believe me when I say that water will not be an issue . Neither this car or my SSC has seen rain or a wet road in more than 10 years. LOL

    I have other cars for that.
  12. Good old street vacuum. Ford had the right idea with the old carb duel snorkel get 2x as much of that, and the fender tubes draw air from a low pressure area under the car. I don't think there has been an aftermarket intake design that improves on their original idea. I have toyed with the idea of grafting a couple scoops like that into the rectangular openings in my lower valance...


    The fender tubes stick out just behind those coming down from behind the fenders.
  13. I think it is cool. Nice find.
  14. Ran one of the for years but omitted the scoop. Very nice CAI without the scoop and hose.
  15. I actually tried it on my 83 with the dual snorkel and then without the car ran faster without it I'm talking like back to back runs switched in between

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  16. You mean the valance scoops? If so then it has to do with the low pressure area right behind the radiator making it easier to suck in air.

  17. A better way to do it would be make an air pan on the carburetor, and make the hood scoop functional.
  18. It's been done...doesn't work near as good. The scoop doesn't stick up enough to really "scoop" air. There was a guy a while back on the site who did a bunch of strip testing with the stock duel snorkel breather, and from those tests pretty much nothing bested the factory setup aside from running a taller filter to raise the lid up off the carb further.
  19. I've bested the factory setup last year that's what I was saying.

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