Wheels-Tires Who Runs Drag Radials On Pony Wheels?/what Do You Run Up Front?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by deathb4dismount, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Was thinking of getting Nitto NT555r for the back tires. They make 255 50 r16 which should fit. I was wondering if anyone runs these on Ponies? If so what do you run up front? I really dont want to run drag radials up front, and it is hard to find a performance tire at 225 50 r16. I dont want to run 245s up front because I know they will rub. Anyone have suggestions?
  2. ive run a 245/50 on the front at about 3/8" lower than stock and they didn't rub at all. no spacers, nothing. on my ponies right now ive got the 245/50 nittos out back and my buddy that owns a tire shop put a 225/55 on the front because 'they fit right'. I wanted to do 245s again. I don't drive mine everyday, so I hate the nittos. they last a long time but don't hook for dick. my next drag radials on the ponys will be 255/50 MTs or BFGs.
  3. The 555r shouldn't even be called a drag radial. The NT05R is nitto's true drag radial. Comparable to a MT ET street
  4. Yah but they don't make them for a 16 inch wheel. And both ET Street and BFG Drag Radials only come in 255 for a 16 inch rim which I think is to wide to fit on a Pony wheel
  5. I ran the 555r 245 50 16 on my ponies with a kumho ecsta 245 50 16 on the front.. No issues.. The rear tires were close to the exhaust but not touching. Might have to flip the quad shocks around though. I don't remember If I had to
  6. I ran bfg 255s with bfg comp fronts when I had ponies. Then I switched to the 555rs. The 555rs and the 2+ spec clutch was still enough to rip out plenty of 2nd and 3rd gears. Not as sticky as the bfg's though (until they got hard.) I'd run a BFG or nitto street tire in the front if it was me.
  7. Decided to go with BFG Sport comp 2's all around for now, 225s up front and 245s in rear. I needed to be honest with myself and realize that seeing track time this season is probably not going to happen. This will mostly be a street car and I should concentrate on getting it setup correctly and removing any mechanical bugs before I hit the track. Plus if I am going to be serious about doing well at the track I should probably setup some track dedicated wheels like Draglite big and littles and MTs. I am just really excited about the car because it is the first time I own a fox that its primary purpose is not transportation, but fun. It's easy to lose sight of reality sometimes because of that.
  8. If its not a daily, that is the perfect reason to run big and littles with drag radials..no rain.. Drive it when it's nice out