Who Sells 92 or 93 Octane Gas?

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  1. Nearing completion on my 11.0 to 1 compression motor and looked at a couple of major gas stations in my area (Chevron and Union 76) and saw there super unleaded was 91 octane.

    I would like (or need) to run 92? or 93? octane with this motor without adding special bottles of boost at every fill-up. Is this possible in Northern California? Does one of the major gas company's still produce 92 or 93 octane gas for the masses?
  2. That's all they sell over here in the "other" LA.(Louisiana) 93 octane. To get 91 they blend in the required amount of regular 87 gas. Same thing with 89, and 92. The ratio for 89 is 35% 93 octane premium / 65% 87 octane regular. I don't recall the formula for the rest, but it's not hard to figure out. 91 may be the legal limit for California.
  3. 7-11 selles it here in Big Spring TX.

  4. ill i see is 93 octane, i have never seen 91... good luck
  5. Yeah, 93 all over FL. And 100 at some Sunoco stations.
  6. Just for fun here are some of the recommended octane ratings for early Mustangs:

    <img src="http://home.pacbell.net/lorax1/octane.jpg">
  7. Some Union76 stations sell racing gas. There are a few around here in SoCal. Try near a small airport as they sell aviation fuel.
  8. since your in California you wont find 93 but you could do two things
    1. buy a five gal. pale of 103 octane and mix it with some premium gas,

    2. find a unical gas station or one the sells racing gas out of there pump
    for about 5.50 a gallon and go to the unical web site and look for the
    mixing table that show you what ratio to mix the fuel.
  9. I need to fine somewhere to get some 93, everyone in utah sells 91 octane.
  10. I am not sure where you are in Northern California but they sell like 100 or 110 at a pump in Sacramento. It is $5.99 a gallon. They also sell it in a little town named wheatland.

  11. You can also mix in some Race gas with your 91 premium.

    Trick Race gas is a Nor Cal company (Stockton area)
    you can get that all over Cali.

    love the smell of that Race fuel burning.
  12. Apparently the octane rating system has changed since then. My 10.4 to 1 ratio 331 runs fine with 93, and will with 89 if you pull off some timing. My 68 Merc's 390 is fine with 89 after the cam swap, before it was ok with 93. BAck then, the factory recommended 91 ( or was it 94) octane regular with 9.5 to 1 ratio engines and 98-up with those with 10.5-up ratios.
  13. Try the local 91 octane gas first and see how it acts with it before going high dollar with mixed gas. You may not need the extra octane.
  14. I'm currently running 11:1 compression on 91 octane pee with no problems. Definitely doesn't allow for optimal timing, but everything is relative.

  15. The numbers in the chart above are by the Research Method. Current Octane ratings are an average of Research and Motor methods. In any case. todays 91 octane is the same as 60's 95 octane, and 93 is 60's 98 octane.
  16. yeah, pretty much sucks. I don't tht I've ever seen 93 in Ca. They did have 92, but stopped that a few years ago.
  17. Almost every Chevron station up here sells 94.

    So does Petro Canada.

    Strange how it's not as readily available down there.
  18. Thanks for all the replies. :nice: So far I will try the 91 Octane with less than optimal timing and adjust from there. Also, I will search some of the previous listed companies...and hope something is around my area???

    As for the initial engine startup I will definitely want something 93+ to be on the safe side.
  19. there is a citgo near the track in NY i go to that sells 110. you can just imagine the price.
    doesnt help you though sorry
    order a barrel of vp :)
  20. Don't you think you should have researched the availability of hi-octane gas before you decided on 11:1?

    Racing gas/boosters are very expensive over time.