who sells the cobra brake kits to go on mustang 2's

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  1. i have a 55 ford that is mini tubed in the rear along with the mustang 2 front suspension. i'm also stuffing in a 2001 cobra engine and trans in it and i want to get the cobra front brake kit to match!

    anyone know of a place i can buy a front cobra brake kit to do this?

    also does it take special brackets for the swap on a mustang 2 front suspension?
  2. You probably not going to find one, but I could be wrong. Your best bet would to be search the companies the make MII suspension kits and see what they offer. Hiedt's is one that comes to mind.

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  3. I want to see this! Shoulda gone with a 32V Navigator 5.4, though. :p
  4. The guy in this link did it by making his own brackets. For hubs, he used Granada rotors with the rotor cut off.

    There are a couple of companies making big brake kits (13") for the Mustang II front end. Baer and Wilwood come to mind. I can't find a Baer fitment guide just now, but I believe it uses PBR calipers which are the same as the Cobra calipers. If your heart is set on the calipers with the Cobra logo, I would suggest calling Baer to see if those can be substituted, or if the kit can be had without calipers so you can get them separately.

  5. If you own a II you have to "think outside the box" to find parts that fit.

    Mustang II front suspension designs are used by the street rodders...hence there were probably brake upgrade kits available before most other models of cars. I bought my front kit in about 1992.

    The Mustang uses an 8 inch rear end, again street rod material, hence there are kits.

    I doubt you'll find a kit made specifically for the II, but from my experience of putting disks on my car 13 years ago, find a brake kit of the size you want that fits the II suspension and spindles, next make sure it fits the 8 inch rear end, install a proportioning valve, and remove the residual valve from the stock II distribution block. I was using a master cylinder with a 1 1/4 inch bore, but last weekend dropped it to one with a 1 inch bore to get more line pressure.

    There's more to installing it based on the components, but I'd imagine SSBC or Baer should have a kit with those components, just not specified for a II.

    Also messing with brakes can be dangerous, so getting it intalled right is very important.