Engine Who should I go with for a new 351W and manual trans


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Jul 22, 2020
I have a 88 GT Mustang and I want to drop in a 351W, not looking to build one up from scratch (time constraints). Basically a crate without the accessories and upper manifold. Future goals is to get to 600 HP.


1. Much later down the road I plan to do a twin turbo setup. Is there a crate engine that can handle this power adder already without replacing internals?
2. With a twin turbo setup, how much extra HP can I squeeze out of the 351W before and after new internals if needed?
3. I want to keep the 5 speed manual transmission, what brand would you recommend getting to handle the torque and future HP goals? I'm thinking a T-5 for adaptability reasons and aftermarket parts.
4. What vendors would you recommend purchasing the 351W from?
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Sep 1, 2010
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IMO, you have at least two problems with his plan. Even a prepped T-5 will not take those power levels long with sticky tires and a clutch dump followed by power shifts. The case will flex and good parts will move in bad directions. Time to look further up the Tremec food chain.

A 351w with 600 NA horsepower is not likely to have a boost friendly compression ratio. You may want to build it for the boost and put up with a lower power level until you add the turbo.


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Jul 22, 2020
What's a good reputable company to get a 351W? I want to have a streetable driver first without having to change stuff now until much much later when I go twin turbo. I plan on purchasing the intake manifold separately also. Initial searches brought me to the links below.


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