Who Still Uses Their Fox As A Dd?

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  1. Wondering how many are still in Daily Driver duty
  2. I drive my Fox everyday. I get compliments every where I go.
    Makes me feel pretty cool for an old dude.:)
  3. i try to drive it as often as i can , i take it to work, use it after work, get alot of attention but i do have a dd jeep and it is nice when it snows to no the fox is safe and sound. they are not on every corner now .... plus a centerforce as nice as my pedal is gets old in traffic.
  4. Bought mine August 12 with 46K miles bone stock. Still a DD with mild mods - Explorer top end. 70mm tb, CAI, headers, H pipe, Flowmasters, Taurus Efan and FAL VSC, U/D pulleys, B&M shifter, and some exterior and interior mods. Getting about 17-18mpg in the city. The more I drive it, the more I am thinking of getting a Toyota or other DD and having this as a weekend toy. There is too much I want to do to it and not enough time on the weekends. A real PITA when you want to do some major work and need the car to get to work.
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  5. as long as its not pouring rain or snowing (or broken), im driving mine. 160k miles on the chassis (~120k on the explorer motor, god knows how many on the trans), and even with 4.10's it gets 18-19mpg (if im gentle, which rarely happens). my truck gets 16-17 (though it runs regular, makes about the same cost to run).
  6. Mine's a DD, 143 K+ miles, and I drive about 12 miles round trip every day.
  7. Mines a semi-DD. Drive it around everywhere during the summer, except to work. Partly because I love rowing the gears, but mostly because it's easier on gas than my F150. :(
  8. Once mine is finished it is going for DD use. It'll get better mileage than my lifted Bronco and my 84 F150
  9. Mines my daily. Headers, gt40 upper n lower, o/r h pipe, flownasters, msd setup. All else stock. Mixed freeway and street 150 miles a week. Gets me around 17mpg. 50/50 fwy and street.
  10. mines a DD...100 miles round trip 5 days a week
  11. I dd'd mine until I took it down for the motor/trans swap. While it was down I bought my 12 GT so it doesn't get driven so much anymore. I would still DD it to work if my wife didn't carpool with me.
  12. You also live in the central Florida area where the weather is perfect for it lol when I lived in altamonte springs I drove mine every day now I'm back in the northeast with kids. It's parked most of the time now

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  13. I moved to Dublin, GA back in Oct 2008. Dublin is in middle GA, and while it very rarely snows here, it does get cold and a working heater is a necessity.
  14. Not since 2003.

    My DD is a 2012 Benz now. I've turned into a snob...i admit :(
  15. 168k drive it daily work is only 4 miles away in 18 months I've put 9k on it.
  16. nope not a DD but i take her out almost daily for stress relief rides and atleast once a week to work when its not raining
  17. wow its been a while since ive been on here
  18. Mine is only for nice days.
  19. I daily drove my '93 notch until it got totaled. I have an '06 GT for a DD now, but I'm thinking about picking up a virgin '93 Cobra for a DD. I've been planning to buy a 2011+ GT, but I can get a really clean local '93 Cobra for over 10 grand less than the average 2011 GT, and I really like those Foxes!
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