Who Still Uses Their Fox As A Dd?

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  1. Mine is soon to be dd again after sitting for 2-3 years....got back tags, (utt)smog, and other issues to go but would rather drive this to work then the Expedition, and even nailing it every corner will still get better mileage then the pig. Won't be so hot in the looks department but the freeways I drive, (50+ miles rd trip) are notorious for accidents, trucks, etc....need to do the heater core before winter though, as I remember hanging out the window last time it was rainy/cold just to see where I was going....lol
  2. I'm working out the bugs so it can be a reliable, good weather DD. I find if you have a nice car that new parts are even a little harder to find, it attracts idiot drivers. So there will be no 325 HP on ice dancing for me.

  3. My big mistake was having book value coverage on my Fox. The insurance check when it got totaled was half what the car was actually worth. If I buy this '93 Cobra I looked at, I'll put Grundy or Hagerty on it. I'd consider that a must for DDing a Fox.

    SIDE NOTE- I have State Farm now, and they told me their classic car insurance isn't any more expensive than the regular book value policy I have now, but my '89 doesn't qualify until Jan 1 2014. (the car has to be 25 years old)
  4. The only problem with Collector Car Insurance is that you cannot Daily Drive the Vehicle, it is for pleasure use only.
  5. Agreed value where an expert appraises the car and you are insured for that amount seems to work well, and some companies still let you just drive it. It depends if it is under collector coverage or normal with stated value.
  6. I drive mine every day. I live in Iowa, where its flat, so I drive it year round. Clean it once a week and spray the under carriage manually to prevent rust. I am going to be undercoating it one of these weekends so I don't have to be as anal about getting under it as much as I do. Chassis and motor have around 160K and still going strong. I do have plans, but those are just that... plans lol. Before I get under the knife with it, I want to buy a Chevy 1500 4x4 for my DD.
  7. I have Agreed Value on my Fox, the stipulations are you have to have another vehicle as a Daily Driver, keep it in the Garage, and then use it for pleasure driving.
  8. Only when it's not broken.:(
  9. Im like most i drive it when the weather isnt bad..Its down right now..the Trans went i lost 3rd and OD i just bought a Art car c4 rated at 1000 hp full manual Reverse VB..i will have it in soon so i will go back to using it at least a few imes a week...
  10. DD here! I have 113K on her and I am actively looking for a different DD so I don't have to put those miles on her, and start doing some real work on her. My commute is only about 10 miles a day, but that still adds up pretty quickly.
  11. I never realized how much more I loved using my car until I got a dd those little annoying things aren't so annoying anymore

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  12. I actually like how easy and fun my stang is to drive, hardly ever have to downshift, easily takes sharp turns, and stops on a dime.
  13. I do not think Allied (Nationwide) has that limitation, even on my 65 GM. It varies by carrier and is worth asking about. Classic ratings with limited miles should be less than a DD status. But I saved enough on my other cars to ditch the classic status of two cars.
  14. Finally got car legal so now DD to work, altho I still have boatloads of things to do to it. Even with the 4.10's and fairly stout motor, saving gas over the Expedition drastically. Even with some pedalling here and there. Anyone else have issues while running a strong setup and throttle being a little jumpy? The more I drive mine the worse I seem to be able to feather the gas and make fairly smooth takeoffs...its either launching/lurching or nothing most of the time....going to try lubing the TB shafts and throttle linkage to see if that helps...mind you I have solid motor mounts and subframe connectors, and fairly stiff lowered suspension. Getting new tires soon which will be a big help I'm sure.
  15. Mine seems extremely touchy. I can barely hit the throttle and it'll jump up 500 RPM. Makes it very hard to take off so I either have to not use gas on take offs (takes forever lol) or it starts to spin out. Do you have a 70 MM throttle body? I read on here somewhere that the bigger throttle bodies make it harder to make small RPM adjustments due to the fact that the 70 mm tb is so much larger than factory.
  16. Yeah, I have a 70mm TB.... funny how some days the car is easy to drive, and others (especially stuck in grid lock) it wants to drive like a dragster.....lol
  17. Same boat here. Didn't have the problem so much when it was stock, but the H/C/I stroker set up really makes it apparent. She's a little jerky a low RPM under light throttle too. I'm just gonna back the ignition timing off a degree or two and see if it mellows things out a little. Depending what you're running for a camshaft, that will dictate your driveability as well. I've got a fairly aggressive camshaft in my set up, so it needs to run a little more RPM at cruise to stay compliant. This is one of the reason many cam manufacturers recommend a little more rear end gear with their set ups.
  18. I'm not sure of the specific grind as I didn't build it, but it's a fairly radical profile as well, without the 4.10's it would really be a pain. I'm going to try lubing the cables and see if that helps. It seemingly gets worse as the car warms up, especially after freeway driving, thats about the time the cel turns on too.. not sure whats setting it off this time, need to pull codes again

    Not sure number wise what this motor pulls, but when I bought the car years ago it was used for track only, and supposedly ran 11's.... and honestly it use to be even more unfriendly to drive on the street, that all changed when I replaced the old computer that had a tuner chip on it after it melted down, kinda leary of getting another dyno tuned chip if the car is that aggresive to drive on the street afterwards.
  19. So you're thinking this is more a "sticky throttle" situation, than an engine thing? One thing to check is to make sure the clamp holding the inlet tube to the throttle body hasn't been over tightened. If it's a fairly large throttle body, it may have thin walls. A lot of clamping pressure, combined with heat could distort the casting a little and cause the butterfly valve to hang up a little. I had this issue one time with an old BBK unit I had. Doesn't seem to be a problem with my Accufab, but I guess one piece billet makes them pretty strong. lol
  20. Thats exactly what I was thinking and it too is an older BBK unit....I actually worked for them years ago....lol Seems after driving awhile/heat etc thats when it gets worse...since you mention the issue with your old one I'm sure that is it. I'll check the clamp while I'm lubing the linkage