Who Still Uses Their Fox As A Dd?

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  1. Mine is also an older BBK unit. A 70 just like yours, Illuminator. Think we may have found the problem? Lol. I need to go see if mine is sticking or has a smooth action like it should.
  2. Got a DD here!! Has 190,000 miles going strong. She has gt40p heads milled/ported, cobra intake milled/ported, Ecam, 3:55 gears, 5-spd, custom tune chip. She was brought back from the staging lane from many years ago. Installed new black carpet, headliner, visors etc. Has A/C, heat and power windows and fresh new paint job. Since I got her back, she's been a real head turner and a blast to drive!! I've missed banging those gears for sure!! Put some pics up in the album section.
  3. Did you get this fixed? Once I got the entire list followed, jrichker's idle setting procedure really settled my idle and part throttle down. It does not feel like it is going to buck you off at the rodeo. I have a bigger BBK MAF and TB.

  4. No not fixed and yeah, ran thru that list before to fix it and it worked for a little while.....was hoping for an ez fix
  5. So tonight I'm at the local watering hole and my neighbor whom I notice has his motor out of his 68' pro street stang about once a week doing something to it, happens to roll in... never got to see it up close but this things no joke. On observation I notice he's running an 8-71 with custom direct injection and a pill box. Of course he has the full tube chassis and narrowed rear with brand new Goodyear drag slicks. the block is a ford racing 460 thats 60 0ver with a stroker crank and somewhere near 60o inches... anyhow, just brought back old memories of some of my old rides and wondered what happened to having that sort of passion or obsession for the extreme. Excuse the 2nd pic, think I was getting a little worked up.


  6. That's because gas for the DD was under $1, now they only show up on weekends :flag:
  7. Mine was a daily driver from 89-99, mostly for my wife, sold it in 2005 and bought it back last year. It's earned it's rest. Although compared to my current DD ( Lifted v-10 SuperDuty) it's practically a Prius.
  8. Awesome....ROTFL!!!!
  9. One of my friends contacted me today about buying one of my Mustangs. There's a darn good chance that if I sell one of my stangs, my new daily driver will be a low mile '93 Cobra. :cool:

  10. I dunno whats going on with mine anymore, got more problems cropping up then I can keep up with, but pretty sure the egr is headed out again, as I've had to replace it a few times already (car eats them) and the alternator bearings took a dive the other day, so decided to do the 3g conv. since I'm tired of replacing the 2g and never seeing any power output at idle. Still having driveline vibe, I'm pretty sure I have bent axle tubes by the feeling of it. Need to look into how to check that. And the idle situation comes and goes, with an ignition issue developing now, needing to jiggle key once in awhile to keep car from cutting out...just started driving a little lighter on the foot trying to keep much more from going haywire
  11. just curious, how do you know its 46k miles and not 146 or 246k?

  12. couple of ways...

    ran a carfax
    title said 46k miles. not TMU
    The seller showed me his bill of sale from the prior seller- car dealer
    overall condition of the car