Who to take it too?

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  1. My stang has a door problem. The drivers side door is very hard to shut. You have to lift and slam or it just hits the body. What kind of shop do I take it too? A body shop? Or just a regular all around shop.........
  2. I imagine both could do the job, but a body shop would be my choice.

    Either type shop can mess something up just as fix it, so selecting the shop with good trained people will go a long way.

  3. I'm hoping the guys that did my tranny can do it. Or they have a nice recommendation. It also needs a tune up! And I still need to figure out what the heck is causing my headlights to go dim. I have also found that the radio cuts on and off so it's definietely electrical. The volt guage constantly reads only 12. I know it needs 14 to start so I know thats not accurate. Because I drove it around for a few hours a couple weeks ago and it still started the next night. I'm thinking maybe voltage regulator?? What do you guys think?
  4. You'll need to take it to a restoration-friendly body shop. Most collision shops are not going to want to have anything to do with the job.

    The next problem you're going to have is that (surprise!) you can't buy new hinges. Most likely, if it's sagging that badly, it's going to need some welding and redrilling on the hinges themselves in addition to the hinge pins and bushings. When door closing problems are let go that long, the pins usually cut into the hinge stampings, and while you CAN just put pins and bushings in, it's a short-lived band-aid fix. Get a new striker, too.
  5. I didn't "let it go" for that long. It just started happening and I barely drive it anymore. Darn Mustang II's. :mad:
  6. Ummm. the problem started on the day the car was assembled in 1974. I didn't mean it was you, it was a general statement regarding how these sort of problems creep up on people through years of use.

    You have to understand that most people will slam a door for years before they finally are no longer able to get it closed at all. Usually, on Cherokees, it's when the upper hinge rips off the hinge pillar, and on GM products, it's when the striker rips out of the lock pillar. Then, they flip out when they find out what it takes to fix it right. A little lube and care would have saved them lots of $$$ and aggravation. Oh well, at least they change the oil every 3000 miles:rolleyes:
  7. The car's mad at you for buying that foreign jobby thing
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  9. Body shop. Call around.
  10. Yay! My normal shop said they can do it.
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