Who uses Acetone in their gas?

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  1. Ok, so I'm usually very skeptical about additives in gasoline, anti-everything, etc. I used my ZJ today as a ginnea pig for this. Most sites I read said to use no more than 3oz per 10 gal of gas. My ZJ holds 23 gallons, so after filling completely, I added 7oz of Acetone I got for $3.99/qt.

    It has a real-time mpg display, and although it's probably not something which would hold much scientific worthiness, I was in complete awe when I took it for a test drive. I have the 5.2 in there, with 172,500 miles on the clock. I average around 14mpg per tank which is almost always city driving.

    I added this stuff, shook the Jeep around to try to mix it up a bit, and took it for a drive. At first, I didn't see much of a change, if any. Suddenly, and I assume due to the non-mixed gas being purged from the lines, my MPG display jumped, from 19mpg at 30mph directly to an unbelievable 27mpg. It then continued to climb, and stopped at 34mpg. :lol: I cruised along for nearly 2 straight miles seeing no less than 30mpg at 30mph.

    I continued to drive the same roads, and compared my real-time readings to notes I'd taken with the last tank: Using cruise control on the same road, where I got 21mpg cruising at 30mph, I was now seeing over 30. At 40mph, same road, I was seeing 29mpg, before Acetone, it was 22. At 50mph I was seeing 27-29mpg, before I was seeing 22-23.

    This seems incredbile, and somewhat unbelievable. If this is indeed even close to accurate, I believe the stang and my van will be next to receive the Acetone.

    Anyone else tried this stuff???
  2. like nail polish remover?????? i've never heard of this
  3. Wow....thats a pretty interesting read...i may have to try this myself
  4. so how much would i need to add in a 10 gallon tank???
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  6. Awesome.. I have some of that sitting in the bathroom that my wife uses to clean her nail polish off, lol...

    an interesting thought for sure, but here's the real question. If this was harmless to your vehicle, why wouldn't everyone have been using it for ages? Acetyl acid (Acetone) is not new by any stretch of the imagination...
  7. someone try it and see if it really works. i'll put in in my ranger if someone will tell me how much to mix in with a 20 gallon tank. cant hurt the engine, its already past 220,000 miles, i really dont think i can kill that little truck!!!
  8. i use that stuff to clean my bowling ball. Its a urathane ball.
  9. Hmm, I wouldnt use that...I would think it may eat your injectors up.
    I do know that you can run paint thinner...im not sure how different the stuff is. But a friend uses it in his boosted Talon...basically its like 114 octain, but you must buy a certain kind.
  10. That made me spit my drink out. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I use acetone to prep surfaces before I paint them. It is like paint thinner on steroids. I have no idea if it would damage your engine. It would seem to me like it would eat away your gas lines .. it is strong stuff. Generally speaking, anything that sounds too good to be true ... is
  11. Read the articles. Your gas lines are made out of aterials that Acetone won't eat. It doesn't just melt the heck out of everything it touches. It's a solvent, but it's not battery acid or anything. It changes the surface tension of gasoline so that it is able to burn more completely.

    3oz per 10 gal of gas is what I'm running, and what more people get the best results with. One of those links I posted has a study where people submit their results. Nearly everybody on there (several hundred) reported great results.
  12. Tuolene its called. i used to run it in my GST when i wanted to turn up the boost, lean out the fuel and get more timing.

    if i remember(since its been a year), i used 1 cup per gallon of 91 to equal out to almost 95 octane(as tuolene is around 116 octane). though i only did it once, as for the price of tuolene, i found a station that sells 100 octane for 4$ a gallon, so for 10$ more a fillup i had even better octane count, and less hassle.
  13. potroast x 3
    people have already tried it here, search for results.
  14. Yep, searching Acetone in both sides of the 4.6 yesterday yielded zero threads that were solely about peoples experience with Acetone. :nice:
  15. I've seen it on here before but i think it was in the everything goes forum last year when gas prices went up. I have heard of people doing but never tried it myself. I use it to remove the glue on windows after peeling tint :)
  16. sgarlic, do you think your Jeep ran any hotter with the acetone added?

    Because when I think of "more complete burn", I think heat.
  17. Nah. I think if anything perhaps it runs a tad leaner, but that's purely speculative.. i.e. I had no signs of any performance or driveability changes.. the only thing different was way better gas mileage.

    I think by "burning more completely," what the article is describing, is how when your injector fires, it's goal is to atomize the fuel to be fine enough that it all ignites when the spark plug fires.. well, nothings perfect, and some of the gasoline won't ignite. That's a waste.

    Acetone just breaks down the surface tension of the gasoline which aids in atomization, so that when the injector fires more of the gasoline is burned, more power is created, therefore the fuel system can deliver a tad less fuel but produce the same power.
  18. Great. Now they're gonna jack up the price of Acetone.

  19. :rlaugh: I just got that. hahahaha

    Please don't let this be another Seafoam-type thread!