Who uses Acetone in their gas?

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  1. My g/f has acetone laying around, i poured some in a bowl.... and in an hour it dried up and turned into some sort of slick paper/plastic feeling stuff.... i would not put that stuff into my car... ive never heard of acetone doing anythign for cars besides tearing off paint... lol
  2. I've used it in my 06 impreza for a little while. I got about 1-2 mpg better. I added 3 oz per 10 gallons of gas. It was just kind of a pain to add it when I filled up because I had to use a glass test tube thing to add it. I didn't really feel it was worth the trouble to add it to the tank. Haven't used it on my stang at all. Acetone is supposed to reduce emissions a lot as well.

  3. 14 beers (light though hes watching his figure):rlaugh:
  4. What the heck. I have 150k miles on my truck. I'll try it and let you know how good it is after 400 miles (next fill up). Gas is almost $3 a gallon here.
  5. Well,
    Looks like I got about 7% increase on 6 oz. of acetone in 23 gallons of gas.
    I ussually get about 400 mile on a tank full. My last tank full was 428 miles. Trying again and then will experiment with less oz. per tank.
  6. where are you getting the acetone? i found a gallon of it fot $25. anywhere have it cheaper?
  7. I used it in my last tank, mainly cause we only have 91 octane around here. It seemed to give me a little more mpg. I had a question though. What are the long term use effects of using it? I know that it will not harm the fuel lines and such, but how clean does this stuff burn, if at all? Since it is basically a catalyst, does it mix with the gas completely? If it enhances the atomization of the fuel and increases the amount of fuel burned, how much of the acetone is actually being used up, and how much is just converted into some other useless substance? It's been more than 10 years since I was a chemistry major, but if the acetone isn't completed consumed itself, then what partial molecules are left behind? Is there a point when you have a buildup of something in your tank?

    Sorry, but I'm an analyst by trade and majored in chemistry for two years. I think about crazy crap like this all the time. By the way, I picked up a half gallon or so at Wal-Mart in the paint section for a few bucks.
  8. The acetone that your girlfriend is using for her nails also has other chemicals in it like perfumes and vitamins and ****.

    The acetone you want to buy is the one that has the chemical written out in atomic form. You buy it in metal tins at hardware stores. It has to be pure Acetone.

    I used it this past summer, and in one tank I roughly gained about an average of 25-40 extra miles on a tank. Then the bulb on the syringe I was using to pour it in the tank melted and I spilt it all over the place. Luckily nothing got on the paint of my car - but it did ruin my pants and shoes and put some decent holes in my driveway.

    I think I'll start puting it back in the tank again to help cope with these gas prices..
  9. lol They just showed a test on a carburated engine on Mythbusters using acetone and it didn't improve gas mileage at all.

  10. Hahah i was just gonna post that.

    No difference in MPG using Acetone

    It's still on. They are testing fuel savers.
  11. I highly suspect the credibility of the tests these guys do. I've seen several episodes where I remember thinking to myself, "How can they expect people to accept "myth busted"" thing, when clearly the way they performed these tests seems awfully suspect. I believe the way Acetone is supposed to help fuel injected engines is by helping atomize the fuel each injector is putting out.. I'm not sure how that would apply to a carb. setup.

    In any case, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with their determination, as I'm only going by what I've seen, and what others have said their results were. In my case, I'm averaging a few mpg better. The only way to really test I guess and have credible results would be to try it on an engine dyno. :shrug:
  12. Ok, I have an update. I filled up today, and here's my two pennies. I use the same station, same pump every time. I always run it till the pump quits, then I add a 1/4 gallon more. I figure that's the best way to consistently get an average. I do not exactly do city driving, but there's a lot of stop and go getting to and from work.

    When I got the car I was getting just over 17mpg to and from work. I advanced the timing and run premium, and I was up to 18.5mpg or so. I then switched added the 3.73s and it went down a bit, cause I drive the crap out of it. After calming down a little and installing the Predator tune, I was consistently around 18-18.5mpg again. I added 3oz pure Acetone per ten gallons of 91 octane to the last two tanks of gas and I've gotten 19.25 and 19.17mpg. I tried not to change my driving habits at all for this test. That's an increase of roughly 1mpg. I did notice that I had been getting about 20 more miles out of a tank. I haven't tried this with highway driving yet.

    I can't say that it's a huge improvment, but it saved me a gallon or so of gas. We'll go with 1 gallon saved per tank of gas. If I add 4oz of acetone to every tank of gas, I'll get 16 tanks from my 1/2 gallon of acetone. When premium is over $3 a gallon, say $3.15, and I only paid about $3.50 for this half gallon of acetone. I'll save an average of $47. That's the cost of a tank of gas right there. I'll run without it in the next tank, and see what happens.
  13. Ok after reading that there is a possibility of engine damage I wont be trying this on my car, BUT If it really does improve gas milage Im going to be renting a car (focus or similar) to go to san antonio (580miles +-) Would you guys recommend me buying some of this stuff to put in the rental to get better fuel economy??? I mean it would be nice to go from 30mpg to 38mpg.....
  14. Do you guys know that this isn't something new, either? For a LONG time now people have been using it in their race engines (it's very well known in the marine racing community). They of course don't use it with better mileage in mind but rather more HP output (which I consider fuel efficiency as well). The reason they'd be able to get more power is because the gas atomizes better and burns much more efficiently.

    Think of the gas as the little beads of water on a freshly waxed car. That's how the gas is "squirted" into your engine from the injectors (only the beads are many, many times smaller). The reason it does this is because of the polar properties of water (or in this case gasoline) and the property of cohesion (the nature for like-molecules to stick together). When the acetone is added, it alters the cahesive properties of the gasoline and the little "beads" of gas are then made even smaller. The smaller they are, the better the air/fuel mixture is (almost like the gas is diluted evenly in the air inside the combustion chamber) and it burns better. Think of gasoline fumes versus liquid gasoline. Which one ignites more violently - the liquid or the gasious fumes?

    I just added 4oz of acetone to a full tank of gas. The past 3 tanks (without acetone) I've recorded I got 17.45-17.52mpg. I think that's credible enough to say that my driving habbits are VERY consistent. We'll see how I do after this tank with the acetone mixed in.
  15. If this works then why don't fuel companies mix acetone in during refinement?

    Oh wait that's right, they WANT you to get poor fuel economy.
  16. Did anyone see Mythbusters last night on the Discovery Channel? They did a few tests on all the different fuel efficiency myths floating around the internet, Acetone being one of them. They added a 500:1 mixture of acetone to both a carburated and fuel injected engine, and neither of them benefited at all from it! Their test was pretty scientific from what i could tell. So in the words of the mythbusters, this is BUSTED!
  17. Yeah, we did. Check about 7 posts up. :rlaugh:
  18. wow, guess i skipped over that :D
  19. To those who didn't see the mythbusters show... the test was done on a dyno at a constant speed at multiple speeds. If a dyno isn't a repeatable test, then I don't know what is.
  20. I don't know what to tell you guys other than THIS REALLY WORKS.
    I just got past the Full tick mark and the needle is just barely past it and I have 70 miles done. The past 3 tanks without acetone I've done 34,34,and 35 miles as soon as it got even with the Full line. By the time I reach 3/4 tick mark I've never done over 100miles or below 90. We'll see how it is when I get there this time around.